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  1. I was strictly a casual gamer when the Dreamcast was released. I had a Playstation, and I figured I would just get the PS2 at some point (an Xmas gift a year after launch, actually). I picked up my Dreamcast used for $30, and was pleasantly surprised to receive the black Sega Sports package. I went on a game buying binge, spurred partly by the fear that titles would soon disappear from stores. I now have 100 Dreamcast games, and most gamestores around me have indeed stopped stocking them, though what is there is often curiously overpriced. Some of the games for the DC are still graphically sup
  2. Right now my boss is watching Elmo on Sesame Street while I read about videogames on the Internet. I love my job!
  3. I rode The Da Vinci Code rollercoaster and had a good time doing so, but it is one poorly-written yarn. Over what period of time does the book take place? Characters travel all over Europe, yet it seems to happen overnight. Does anyone sleep or eat? Two people are descending a short flight of stairs and one asks, "Explain [this]." Pages of exposition later, they finally reach the bottom of the stairs. Brown's theories of religion and art are factually suspect as well, though entertaining. So much of the book's pleasure involves the "history" he reveals, and looking up art and history reference
  4. Sorry, Mark, I completely forgot about the door glitch. I'd heard about it beforehand, so I didn't save there. I never noticed another instance of it, though. I just finished the game, which took 21 hours. I played many of the mini-quests, but certainly not near all of them. The only knocks against the game for me were the lack of voice acting and some of the NPCs didn't seem to have anything to do with the story (I kept going back to those people thinking they'd eventually ask me for something, but never did). Overall, I really enjoyed the game, well worth my $20.
  5. I haven't read either of those, but Joe Lansdale is one of my favorite authors. Can't go wrong with anything of his.
  6. Cool, Joey, hope you like them. Damn, Ed, do you ever read novels? Maybe even a comic book? My lips get tired just reading the titles of the books you like.
  7. I asked my father, a historical novelist, about the accuracy of the curse words. He said they did indeed talk coarsely for their time, but many of the words would sound tame, even laughable, to modern ears. Do the Deadwood characters drink a lot? I remember Dad saying once that cowboys drank constantly, beginning with awakening and easily drinking a quart of spirits each day.
  8. Hehe. Now it looks like I started this thread just to bust on A.D.
  9. I've tried Arrested Development a few times, and while I agree it is a well-written show, don't you find it annoying that the narrator (Ron Howard) EXPLAINS every joke?
  10. Boy, it has been a while, but I finally watched the last two episodes I had ReplayTV-ed. Great, great season! I thought they might bring the Justin/Ben storylines together (though I couldn't figure out how), but I'm eager to see the 2nd season.
  11. Jeff, Sly Cooper is an excellent game itself, one of the handful I've finished. Enjoy. Brian, I didn't play the Sphinx demo, but the mummy sections definitely offer the superior gameplay. Since you don't "die" as the mummy, the puzzles and platforms are a bit more inventive. However, I might not be the best judge of good or bad platform design. I tend to enter a room and notice, "Hey, that ledge sticks out farther than the others," and then spend an hour running around trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do. I quite enjoy the game, though, and the mini-games and creature collecting (
  12. As Big Daddy Bling Bling will no doubt attest, this game is a must buy, particularly since it has now dropped to $20 on all platforms. I'm about nine hours into the game and don't think I'm anywhere near finished, so on sheer gametime value alone it's a worthy purchase. I'll try and organize some impressions to post later. What say you, Big Daddy?
  13. Carlucci, I just finished Replay, by Ken Grimwood. It's an interesting time travel novel, a premise sort of like Groundhog Day, but with a longer time span.
  14. Carlos, my father writes a series of time travel novels. The books are: Time After Time, Twice Upon a Time, Till the End of Time and In Time of War. You can find them here at amazon.com. They're actually pretty good, and cover (in order above) the Russian Revolution, Custer's Last Stand, WWII and the Civil War. Lots of ancillary characters like Mark Twain, JFK, Ambrose Bierce, General Custer and more. He has a bit of a cult following. He also has an unpublished book in the series, Sea of Time, which takes place on the Titanic, which he'll send to fans who request it. You could also try Jac
  15. Patrick O'Brian. For those that enjoy those books/movie, the Horatio Hornblower books by CS Forester are another good naval adventure series.
  16. For those with Comcast digital cable, you can see this series anytime via "Comcast on Demand." I managed to catch a couple episodes I'd missed. Everyone is getting even dirtier!
  17. It took me awhile to get to this in my ReplayTV backlog. I'm always up for a good carny story, especialy one with creepy overtones, and this is a great show thus far. It's good to see a Depression-era Dust Bowl drama where people are appropriately filthy. I hate period pieces where the shirts are white and the necks are clean. For those interested in a good (straight) carny book, try The Man Who Was Not With It by Herbert Gold.
  18. There's some movies at IGN. Not sure about how it plays, though it seems to have some FPS elements. I think this game looks incredible and it's one of those titles we should all buy, just to send the message that games with weird wonderful art direction can exist alongside platformers and racing games.
  19. Sigh, yet another "kiddie" title for the GameCube. I think this is the final nail in Nintendo's coffin. Do I really need the smilies?
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