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  1. I can ask my son if you like. He’s 10 and can beat quite a few expert songs. He even does ok on disappearing arrows.
  2. Yeah my son, 10, wanted TABS and I was happy to put in on the PC since it just got on there.
  3. That's very bold of you to admit. My wife watches it religiously. I can't say much, as I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette with her. Not because I like it per se, but just to see how stupid people can be.
  4. Thanks for bringing up The Outsider, really good first 3 episodes. I’m really hoping it pays off. King’s works don’t always on screen.
  5. Not opposed to this model either. Obviously more expensive. Sony XBR85X900F 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Alexa Compatibility https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078H6PSVB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Ex1jEb2RW7FV1
  6. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/sony-85-class-led-x850g-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr/6331606.p?skuId=6331606 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-86-class-led-um8070pua-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr/6345467.p?skuId=6345467 any other options? because those are really good prices
  7. Guy from the place in Michigan I emailed called this morning. If it's the Iris then an easy $500 + shipping. If it's the Cinema Filter, then $1500+. Won't know anything until it gets looked at. I'm about to just say fuck projectors and get an 86" flat screen. I was looking last night and they aren't priced too badly for the not top of the line models. I'll have to rerun an HDMI cable, but that's not too bad.
  8. My 5040 died today. Looks like something to do with either the Auto Iris or Cinema Filter based on the flashing lights coming up. It's out of warranty as well, I've had it for 2.5 years or thereabouts. There are not a lot of options either here. Just having it evaluated will require shipping it away, I still have the original box because I'm just like that. And it's left me with a sour taste for Epson. I can either: 1. Ship it out, repair it, and continue using it hoping it doesn't die again. 2. Ship it out, repair it, and offload it on ebay as refurbished. Replace with something else. Any thought's? What to replace it with if taking that course? All thoughts are welcome.
  9. Now that my initial anxiety about it is over, I'm good with it. It was just my first time seeing them numbered like that and when I opened it up at the auction house, knowing it wasn't 100% new, it freaked me out a little. "Ok, here's bag 5. Oh, and this is bag 5 too, oh and one more. Ah, here's bag 1, and another, and crap, there's like five 1's." At least I still had the option to return it on the spot if it looked like it was missing lots of stuff. But I think I'm going to be all good. I finished the platform, that goes on top of what's in my pic, last night. And I think that officially constituted the half way mark. So not bad for only having it the weekend. But it was rainy and cold all weekend, so not worth going out. So, there's a Tumbler set to go up on auction, marked new which means it can be returned if it's terribly messed up, and it ends on Thursday. I would love to have that one. Got my notifications set to go off when the auction is close to ending. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. On the Quest, you could almost understand it. It’s portable so like a phone you might expect only one person to use it. But on the rift on a PC it makes no sense. It’s 2020 for crying out loud. Are we savages?
  11. So far so good. It was a little confusing how they number the bags. There are multiples of every number. So instead of having 30 numbered bags, there are so far at least 3 of each number, most have 4, and one had 5. I am done with bag “4.”
  12. I just wait for you all to post stuff game related and I get news from dedicated sources and the google aggregator. It’s too much work sorting through the garbage. Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. I sincerely don’t know when I’m jumping into the next gen, which is weird because I’ve been at every launch since the PS1. My PC is rocking a 2080 with a 1440p gsync monitor. It makes upgrading not as urgent. Now my son is already talking about a PS5 so my desire is for as much cross platform play as possible. Hopefully that becomes a larger priority for devs.
  13. Twitter is insufferable about everything. I sincerely can't stand the platform anymore.
  14. It’s called bidFTA.com. I am 99% certain that they specialize in Amazon returns.
  15. So, just got the Death Star off auction for $260. Picked it up and the box is a little beat up, but otherwise looks untouched.
  16. That kind of sucks, but I understand at the same time. It's just nice to get all of those announcements at the same time and you get to make a day of it. E3 has been a thing for so long it's sad to see it diminished.
  17. Wow, nice recall. I remember all that now that you bring it up. I actually get a chuckle out of the bitterness mentioned in your spoiler. Even by then, and I probably would have seen it in 90 or 91 and been all of 12 or 13, I was probably very cynical of marriage anyhow. Which also explains why I didn't even start looking for a wife until I was in my late 20's, married at 31. My father's second marriage didn't exactly do me any favors. I still have issues with my stepmother. And my mom's subsequent marriage's, plural, never lessened that cynical-ness. Thanks Dr. Carlos.
  18. I have enough trauma in my life over divorce, being as my parents divorced before I even made it to kindergarten. I actually have no memories of my parents together. Once I found out this movie was all about that I had less than zero desire to watch it, ever. It's been a long time since I've seen The War of the Roses. I don't remember it being tragic, but quite funny honestly. Not the best from the that duo, but still good stuff.
  19. A lot uncomfortable more like it. Think I’ll stick to the riser/stool combo. That seat needs to be about 6 inches shorter with the ability to put your legs under the machine. I do like how it slides in and out though.
  20. That would be tempting, but no way would I buy that a second time. It was expensive. Now if you could get the seat attachment for a decent price that would be cool.
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