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  1. I thought its looked really bland in every video they've had. So much so that I had no reason to watch this latest one.
  2. What's crazy is that we are practically back to a point where we use memory cards again, only now they hold the whole game(s).
  3. I wonder what the qualifications are for all access, and more importantly, what is going to happen when numerous people start to default on the program.
  4. As an aside, it would be really great if the Bethesda Launcher went away. Roll it into the Xbox app or Game Pass app. But I don’t care for it.
  5. I want to say that the added some of the later refinements to this game. But don't quote me on that. Like the manual, I don't think that originally hit until 3, maybe it's 2.
  6. So what's MS getting for the 7.5 billion? If they aren't exclusive that seems like a lot just to put it on GP.
  7. Enjoy your new MS family @dogbert. Did you know this was coming?
  8. Maybe, but my son just got his Super Mario 3d all stars a day early. I do know they are trying to get as much as they can down to one day delivery, especially things they can plan for and have in place.
  9. I’m having apps lock up frequently since the update. Have to kill them and restart. The screen even froze up when I received a call and I was unable to get it into speakerphone like I normally would. edit: It even locked up going from messages to the phone. I rebooted it and it seems better so far. We’ll see.
  10. I also waited in the queue for shits and giggles, no option to buy the system. So invitation only then.
  11. Hopefully the amount of time will not matter at all and they've only invited enough people for the systems they have to sell. So spreading people around will keep things from crashing all at once.
  12. I would have that wario guy on one screen and amazon on another. final_5f64d6674f6ffb00cf02e314_886784.mp4
  13. This system isn't even for me, though I'm sure I'll get to do some gaming on my son's before I have my own. We haven't let on to him that we've been able to secure a system yet. He asked his mom if she was able to get one and she said no. Which was technically true, I ordered it. He hasn't asked me directly yet but he keeps letting on hints about stores getting stock. I need to get my personal controller ordered. It'll be nice to finally have a USB-C controller for the PC.
  14. I hope so too. This is just the US so far though right? I’d bet a lot of Brits were down for the night when the shit started hitting the fan tonight.
  15. I was thinking earlier how Dan was going to shit himself when he gets up in a few hours.
  16. Thank you so much. My son will be happy. I don’t know why I wasted my time with other retailers.
  17. Yep, loaded but can’t cart up. Best Buy seems to be getting better. I can see the cart but it still craps out when checking out.
  18. Lol, Best Buy just sent me the “ come preorder the PS5 email” like an hour too late.
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