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  1. I own the first four. Not sure if I can confirm without a new Apple TV. I can tell the artwork has changed, but it just shows up as "HD" on the Mac version of iTunes. Edit: Actually looking at the store page (not in library), it does have the 4k icon, and the only option I have is Play or Download (no purchase buttons).
  2. I feel like I'd read something along the lines of this a long time ago when even 1080p was the max resolution. It was someone's explanation for why some of the low bitrate iTunes versions looked as good as they did at the time: they started with high quality masters. Their encoding was also worse at the time because x264 was eclipsing the h.264 they were using.
  3. And I had to double check myself on this, but for title changes, you have to go to the first post of the thread and edit it there.
  4. Wow, epic post for sure. Also, Do it yourself, slacker Let me know if you have any questions on the controls.
  5. I'm in the middle of a speedrun of RE7, but haven't played it in months. I've really been wanting to get back to it lately. After that, I want to try it on Madhouse at some point.
  6. I didn't get a chance to play it at all.
  7. I didn't try to get in until about 40 mins into the first session, so my TV saw nothing but the title screen for the game. I left it on, but it never connected.
  8. Interesting. I don't know any off hand. What would be the use case?
  9. That's a big change for them as all the 1080p iTunes stuff has always been around only 5,000 kpbs or so. Amazon and others were regularly around 15 mbps.
  10. Paul are you on PS4? I've got it downloaded and ready. Not sure what session I will be able to be on yet, but Im going to try for the first one.
  11. Starhawk

    The Game Awards 2018

    BOY! Shocked and happy they won. I’m nowhere near finished with Red Dead, and I’m sure it has a better story, but the gameplay and design of God of War was so good, an area where Red Dead lacks for sure, this is deserving. I still though Red Dead was going win it though.
  12. @Angry the Clown Not sure if this helps with anything, but looks like some good progress: https://forums.plex.tv/t/early-access-for-plex-pass-users-to-new-apple-tv-ios-video-player/335439?utm_source=Plex&utm_medium=email&utm_content=enhanced_video_player_release_button&utm_campaign=Newsletter+December+6+2018+PPUS
  13. Yeah, I went down this road a bit and just accepted that HDR-10 would be the best you could get for now if I wanted UHD material on the server. I think the only issue with Plex and UHD right now is if the file is streamed to a non-HDR device and where transcoding is also required for some reason, it will not be tone mapped. But, if you direct stream it, it's fine.
  14. I was about to post that, as far as I knew, on the Apple TV, all of your own media shows up under a different heading of "Computer" or something like that. This was with the older small black hockey puck Apple TV though, and I know the new ones are much more feature rich. I have no idea if you can stream to an iPad like that though.
  15. You helped me with this by recommending SnapRaid. I've been using that ever since. I have 1 extra drive for parity and 4 data drives.
  16. Interesting that we'd see such a difference in totals. I will say, I am also transcoding extras, and even though I'm using different settings for them (Around 5,000kpbs for 1080p and most are 480p and much lower bitrate), they still take up a lot of space. Im not tracking it, but I could back into the number and figure it out. But guaranteed, just checked the original filesize totals, for 609 movies, the average size is 25.1 GB.
  17. So you're tracking the actual size of the full disc? Of the 600 movies I've tracked, the average file size of the main feature is 25GB. So you should be able to rip everything 1:1 with 'only' 25TB. Still a decent amount of space, but much more doable.
  18. Ha, understood! How many movies is that? I've encoded over 600 movies since this thread, and I kept track of everything on a spreadsheet along the way 🤓 , including original file sizes. It totals up to only 15 TB adding up all the main features at original file sizes.
  19. Starhawk

    The Retro Gaming bug

    Wow, dude has an actual Ultra 64.
  20. I loved Sentry in Dark Avengers. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot but why the hate?
  21. I so agree. One of the most disappointing things I ran into when I was using iTunes store more was when I bought Drive and found out it was un-matted! It totally ruined the composition of many shots in that movie. IIRC, every other online version was matted properly, and the Blu-ray was fine of course, but iTunes had this weird version. For deinterlacing, I use Decomb/Default/Default. The "LessSensitive" setting was the old default from a few years ago you could maybe try. With the Simpsons, keep in mind there is some artifacting that looks like interlacing that is somewhat "baked in" to the source. It's rare but it will show up on occasion. I dont think any deinterlace technique can filter it out. I was watching "Lisa Gets an F" the other day and it shows up there a couple of times, usually in the characters' mouth movements. For settings, I use CRF for everything now, which doesn't limit bitrate in anyway and pushes for that level of quality. Usually CRF 16 is great for SD material. On some older, grainy or noisy material, I will usually raise CRF or use one of the old bitrate limiting setting I used to use. Also set the preset to the highest level you can tolerate. I usually use Slower for everything. Handbrakes "Super HQ 480p 30 Surround" is a good starting point as well.
  22. There were definitely some non-App store apps I used to use, but these are the ones that came up on my list from the official store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/metadoctor/id988250390?mt=12 (There's also a Pro version) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/iflicks-2/id731062389?mt=12 This one is paid, but it's been around for awhile and well known. I wouldn't use the encode functions because I have no idea what settings they use, but it does also offer a muxer that would probably come in handy.