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  1. Wow, i didn't expect Misery on UHD. And like you Dan, I've had my eye on the Should disc but hadn't pulled the trigger. Easy day one purchase.
  2. I was so put off by the platforming that I put it down in Apr 2020 and haven’t had the urge to returned. But I should at some point.
  3. Oops, totally forgot I have the Godzilla (spine 1000) and Police Story sets.
  4. I also have Arrow's Creepshow 2 in my cart. Love that movie.
  5. Anyone taking advantage of B&Ns Criterion 50% off sale? I understand they have this sale twice a year so you guys probably already have these titles. I decided to take the plunge and add to my lone Criterion title (Silence of the Lambs) by ordering On The Waterfront, In The Heat of the Night, 12 Angry Men, War of the Worlds, The Graduate and Blue Is the Warmest Color. All but 12 Angry Men (which i loved) are blind purchases. I have The Furies, The Before Trilogy, Memories of Murder (currently out of stock), The Princess Bride, Boyhood, The Game and Night of the Living Dead currently sitting in my Amazon cart. I'll probably pick up most, if not all, of these before the sale ends but was wondering if you guys had any recommendations in place of the ones I have in my cart.
  6. Same here because I'll be printing replacement covers if they don't. Fuck those look awful!!!
  7. Just finished watching it and thought it definitely the worst of the 3 which is easy considering how good the first 2 are. I didn't hate it but did think some parts were boring and maybe the movie was about 10-15 mins too long.
  8. Thought I'd resurrect this thread to ask if anyone has seen The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. It's gotten mostly bad reviews and, with a couple of days left to stream, wondered if it were worth my time. I watched The Unholy and thought it wasn't bad. For fans of found footage horror, I thought Grave Encounters, Hell House LLC and The Taking of Deborah Logan were all entertaining. Terrified is now available to rent on Amazon and Vudu. Also, how about some 80s horror movie recommendations? I feel that decade is defined by Michael, Jason and Freddy yet there are so many other good horror movies in that decade One example is House on Sorority Row (1982). I loved this movie back then and still to this day. So I'm interested in some 80s horror because not only have I missed a few but I may have forgotten about some I had seen. For example, I need to revisit Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark. I remember nothing about it.
  9. That's fair. For many years, I looked back at these movies (with the exception of ANoeS), with disdain. Most 80s horror movies just don't age well but lately I've been looking back at some of them and finding myself enjoying them as if watching for the first time. To get this thread back on track, I'm really looking forward to these 80s horror movies (Demons 1 & 2 as well) releasing on UHD. Not all though as I think The New York Ripper is a silly, boring movie.
  10. I remember going on opening night and hating it. I gave it a chance when I rented it on VHS and still hated it. But then I saw the subsequent Michael Myers sequels and hated those just as much. So I revisited SotW just a few years ago when I picked up the SF Halloween box set and didn't think it was as bad as I remembered it. Still not great but I enjoyed it enough. I just wish it would've just been called Season of the Witch.
  11. Halloween 2 and 3 are definite day one purchases. If Halloween 78 has the original mono mix and the PQ is at least on par with the Lionsgate release, it'll be an easy double dip for me.
  12. You know, I totally slept on the release date. I somehow confused the release date of this with another that's happening in October. Thanks tho.
  13. Hey Dan, there is discussion over at bluray.com regarding the announcement that Brotherhood of the Wolf will be released by Scream Factory and the fact that a new transfer or theatrical cut wasn't part of the announcement. Obviously, I'd love to have both a new transfer and multiple cuts of the movie but I'm just happy to finally have this on bluray. When a studio announces a release, is it set in stone or is there a chance they can add more features?
  14. #12 is NG+ and platinum of Miles Morales.
  15. There’s a physical release of Strider 1 and 2 for PS? Ah, PS1. Nice!
  16. Which podcast app did you settle on Joey? I’m giving Overcast a try as the latest update has made Apple’s own podcast app a nightmare to manage.
  17. Looking forward to starting it. How many episodes?
  18. Is that the second season of Mare of Easttown?
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