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  1. This game was pretty good. And Skyrim is probably in my Top 5 best games of all time. But now having played Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and this... I'm hoping for some evolution in this concept with future games in the genre. It seems weird to think about these games as retro, but it kind of feels that way when I play them.
  2. Glad, my daughter and I love that show. And the finale of season 2 was just awesome.
  3. A lot of chatter that the big announcement is going to be exclusivity for:
  4. Disney+ has a usefulness lag for a couple reasons. I bought all of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars movies so having access to all of those is mostly useless. For new Marvel, Star Wars, Disney movies Disney+ will be awesome. But that world hasn't really started yet. Especially because of Covid-19, but regardless of reason, it will take a while for Disney+ to have content that I already don't have access to via other services. New Marvel TV shows are huge, but none of them have come out yet. So if I want to watch one of the Marvel movies while eating lunch or something, I flip a coin whether I watch it on Amazon or Disney+. In some cases Disney+ still doesn't even have the rights for the movie I want to watch.
  5. There is only one scene the whole show that had me laughing out loud, and it was witty banter between storm troopers. Love that scene.
  6. I buried those angry feelings deep down. But as I sit her, in my basement, playing NFL 2K5, I'm confident I was on the right side of history.
  7. Jeff, I expect everything to be fine and good after your two weeks. I assume you'll be taking everyone's temperature every time they blink.
  8. The firm encourages employee loyalty.
  9. Oh, and full disclosure. I'm currently taking calcium supplements, which contain Vitamin D. I've cut back on milk consumption in recent years and am compensating for that. Compensating for a lot of things, obviously. Also full disclosure, I make money off of vaccines as my wife is a pharma rep. So I get a dime every time a baby cries ... from being stuck.
  10. I've been fighting this fight for decades and it is getting harder for me. I've always been passionate about the idea "innocent until proven guilty" - let guilty people unjustly go free to prevent innocent people from unjustly being incarcerated. And we allow the KKK to walk down the street, saying what we consider vile things, in the name of protecting our own rights. So yeah, there are consequences to the anti-vaxxer movement gaining traction. There a consequences to the climate-change deniers movement gaining traction. I bet conservatives worried that this damn woman's movement would have consequences as well. We all think we're right about high-stakes issues, so we should be hesitant about empowering authorities like government and corporations toward supporting who is right and silencing who is not. Because one day we might considered "not right" by those in power.
  11. I'm with you. I said upfront that I was coming in hot. Looking for reasons to call her a quack. And I have baggage when it comes to selling desperate people snake oil ideas. People are desperate for cures/causes to cancer, autism, covid-19, and they'll gobble up whatever you tell them the magic cure or cause is - gluten, aspartame, 5G, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, whatever. Not that there aren't actual cures and causes out there to be known. Just that people are desperate, and authorities need to be considerate and responsible with how their spreading their influence. When she presents info about Vitamin D like that, or anything else, she has to know that people are desperate for the cure and will latch onto what she's says. And respond excessively. People will walk away from the podcast, take a sledge hammer to their ventilators and drink a gallon of milk and feel good about the change. Authority figures need to speak tightly, not loosely, about important things. Even if they're on the Joe Rogan podcast. This isn't popular now-a-days, but I don't subscribe to the silence-the-wrong-people mentality. Delete YouTube videos. Ban Twitter accounts. I think anti-vaxxers are very misguided. But I don't think they should be silenced. I think they should spread their message and that message should be countered by smart informed people. Engage, discuss, debate. Always better than silence or ignore in my book.
  12. I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. He had a doctor on who I assumed was a quack. Since we all know that Joe likes to have on alternative/controversial people. That's fine. But I was listening attentively for some indicator that this woman was a quack. She seemed fine though. Then it hit. They started talking about ventilators and how most people who go on ventilators die and how ventilators might do more harm than good. Now any scientific mind knows there is difference between correlation and causation. But this woman did not interject that. Joe eventually interjected that himself. Not the doctor. There are certainly risks with ventilators (i.e. poor calibration can cause lung injury, prolonged usage weakens your diaphragm, etc.). But those risks are weighed against not being able to get oxygen to your fucking brain when your lungs are shutting down. If smart people like her can't be trusted to speak clearly about such things, what hope do the common folk have. She also was selling her theory that Vitamin D is the key to not dying from Covid-19. She was once again not speaking clearly. She didn't emphasize that Vitamin D "deficiency" is correlated to more severe effects from Covid-19. And not everyone is Vitamin D deficient. My doctor thought I was Vitamin D deficient, then I had a blood test, and it turns out my Vitamin D is perfect. I therefore would receive no benefits from supplementing Vitamin D. This is true of all vitamins. Unless your deficient, you don't benefit from taking extra. Even drinking extra water is stupid. It ruins your sleep which is bad for your health. Stop drinking extra water because you heard drinking water is good for you. Sorry.
  13. Yeah, I'm loving ACO so much. And I have a history of failure and disappointment playing Rockstar games. That being said, I recognize that people LOVE these games and the GTA games. So I'm just not compatible or something.
  14. I'm not a fan of MGS, but that was damn funny.
  15. I honestly thought this was so ridiculous that you must be simply making fun of me for being so late to the game here. Then I re-read this thread and noticed that no, you are in fact going back and playing all of the A.C. games. This is kind of stressing me out. Because I could never do such a thing, so I fear you're gonna get tired of this series, and NEVER play the best games in the series as a result. I guess what I'm saying is that you make poor gaming decisions.
  16. This game is great from the start. They just nailed it from the start. And based on what everyone’s saying, it just gets better.
  17. I’ve given up on this game. The progression isn’t pulling me forward the way I’d hoped. Not enough to keep me from Assassin’s Creed. I beat the corpser, but I’m tired of the same missions. And just feeling meh about the game now.
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