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  1. Fuck this game. You know how I said the game cheats by lowering the difficulty? Well in this case, I owned the boss. I kicked his ass. But he just wouldn’t die. I rode him 3 times. Went through 3-4 cycles of running against the wind. And countless cycles of his normal shit. It honestly felt like a glitch. This god damn thing should have died. WTF. This game really wants me to quit.
  2. It does look good. Although I’m wondering if anyone agrees that the video, while good, isn’t quite as clever as it thinks it is. The writing came off slightly amateurish to me. That being said, this looks promising.
  3. I’m having a lot of trouble with experiment guy. Finally got the pattern down after dying a million times, was doing awesome, and I ran out of friggin missiles! What a kick in the balls. It is really hard to charge your beam and transverse because you need two thumbs to hold the charge and dash buttons. I’m fucked if I don’t have enough missles.
  4. This was campy, self-aware, fun, and kinda bad. To the point where it is useless to criticize it because it almost felt like it wasn’t trying to be good. It had lots of fun moments but this movie felt like the franchise’s Freddy vs. Jason with how absurd it was at times. The way this is going, in the next movie, they’re gonna find a magical knife that can kill Michael and thee who uses it will inherit the curse and become the new killer. And also, Dewey from the movie Scream will be the cop trying to find Michael.
  5. I’ve been unfair. I’ve been criticizing a very good Metroid game for not being mindblowingly awesome. Games are so amazing these days I’m spoiled rotten. #LCVGPeopleProblems
  6. OK. I think we all know that I only posted that link to troll Romier. For the last day or two I've been combing through every part of every map on every section of this game trying to find where the hell I'm supposed to go next. I clearly turned left when I was supposed to go right. Then I took a day off from the game and found myself fucked. And so I combed and found a bunch of missed missiles. Which makes my lostness feel almost satisfying. Almost. I think I figured out what I don't like about the game. Too much stuff with too little substance. All the powers seem little more than a contrived key. Yeah yeah, that has always been the charm of these types of games. But it seems worse here somehow. In other games like Ori or Doom or any great game really, I got a lot of use out of the stuff they give me. New toys are awesome! Most of the new stuff I get in this game feels more like a key than a toy. So now when I find something that requires a super bomb to acquire, I roll my eyes and am annoyed. Another friggin key. I did't feel this way about Ori, Hollow Knight, or any of the other Metroid games.
  7. https://www.denofgeek.com/games/metroid-dread-david-jaffe-difficulty-rant-controversy-reactions/ I’d say there are merits on both sides. My least favorite videogames situations are 1) when something is hard, and retrying is not fun 2) I have no idea what I’m supposed to do next, and the possibilities seem infinite Metroid Dread, and games like it, tend to land on #2 quite a bit. How quickly I can resolve the situation affects how I feel about it. So far so good. Metroid Dread hovered close to the line for #1 but hasn’t crossed it. There is a sweet spot where a game keeps me always moving while feeling I’m achieving something. For some games it is a rocky road and for others it is smooth as silk. The Doom franchise is mostly smooth as silk. I still love me some Metroidvania experiences though. Even though this game is a little off. I feel I should be loving it but I’m not and I don’t know why.
  8. Fiber is great. Fun fact though. Insects eat fiber and have done so twice since I’ve had it with Verizon. The technician was like “Ya insects ate ya fiber” Blew my mind. I guess even insects have worry about colon cancer
  9. The cake is a lie I can barely escape the damn robot sections. Last night I had so many close encounters and near escapes, I screamed and my daughter ran downstairs to make sure I was ok. One time I almost escaped, the door closed off, robot crawled up behind me, I tried to jump over him, failed, but then i was able to accomplish a rare stun on him during QTE, slide under his legs, and escape. Too bad it was a bad door that lead to a dead end that required the grapple beam.
  10. It is possible it only seemed easier. But near the beginning of the game I had a multi-die scenario where, on the 7th try, the guy clearly hit the self-destruct button like on that scene on Hoth with Han.
  11. I think this game has dynamic difficulty. It makes things easier if you die enough times. The chained up bitch gave me trouble then I beat her easily which felt like a cheat. Felt a bit robbed by the help.
  12. I spoke too soon. As usual. I just played a session where I cleaned up. Made a lot of progress in a very compressed timeframe. Got two new powers, defeated a mini-boss, a robot guy, and encountered a really big boss. I lost, but then I decided, even though the game wants me to fight the boss, what if I backtrack and re-explore EVERYWHERE. With my latest powers and suits I was able to cover tons of previously locked stuff and gain a lot of missals for my fight with ^}^{%}*\¥. Very satisfying actually. Contrary to my previous statements. This does feel like the Metroids of old. I jumped the gun with my statements.
  13. I recall knowing Metroid and Super Metroid’s maps really well. This is all too much. I’ve given up knowing or caring at all about what or where anything is. I’m just overwhelmed. It feels like a party where I meet 10 new people and I just throw my hands up and just hope I never see them again. The loop where I see a place I can’t go and then eventually gain an ability that lets me access that area is a little less satisfying than it usually is in this type of game. All of that being said, there is a lot to like. But it certainly isn’t besting my favorite MetroidVania games from the last 20 years.
  14. It was basically that. I’m constantly having to determine whether something is clearly a “move on, come back later” obstacle or a “no, you can do this now obstacle” - and sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes I break a block and determine I need the ball power to get through. But NO, I can break TWO blocks now and walk through. Made that mistake twice now.
  15. An hour of fumbling around, then I bitch here, within two minutes I figure it out. Rubber ducky coding.
  16. I have no fucking clue where to go. It seems I’m locked into an area that cannot be escaped from with my current powers and the current state of the map. I’m going in circles. This sucks.
  17. This game is unforgiving. I always play games wrong and feel bad when i do. But this game is like, get out of here until you learn how to slide, shoot, jump, drop, wall jump, and missle shoot gracefully. We’ll just keep reloading you until you do.
  18. This review has sold me on never ever seeing this movie: https://datebook.sfchronicle.com/movies-tv/review-venom-2-should-not-be-watched-it-should-be-shunned Ironically it was a very entertaining review.
  19. You might give the best handjob ever, but I'll still pay more for a blowjob.
  20. I am excited for this game. But I want to take this opportunity to bitch about Nintendo's pricing. I have played about handful of wonderful 2D Metroidvania games since my last Metroid game. Shadow Complex Axiom Verge Dust Ori 1 Ori 2 Hollow Knight Steamdig 2 All of them were great. They all cost between $5-$40. But I expect Metroid Dread to cost $60 for the next 3 years just because Nintendo knows I'm their bitch. It bothers me that Metroid Prime 4 will cost the same as this game.
  21. I love the tone. The grumpy veteran and his annoying, inexperienced apprentice -- Sucker for they dynamic.
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