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  1. Linky I've purchased from them a couple of times. Trustworthy.
  2. I thought I had heard this film basically ignores anything that came after T2.
  3. Game Pass continues to be the best money I've ever spent on gaming, especially when you can score 6 month codes from a person on CAG for $20
  4. Oh yeah, that's a thing I hadn't considered... Hopefully they'd be able to do both, and I suppose I would prefer the films, but I'm just so in love with this Universe that we seem to have only scratched the surface of. Want to see more!
  5. Well, if nothing else, the Box Office performance on Chapter 3 should maybe get it back on the Front Burner.
  6. I'm still hoping we'll get a Sofia-based spinoff or something, too. When is "The Continental" TV show supposed to start? Really starting to like this JWU.
  7. It was a wonderful experience to have the films shown back to back, since they really play out within weeks of each other, and of course the third one picking up within minutes of the second one ending. Loved Chapter 3, with maybe my only disappointment being the ending.
  8. Whatever, man. Too bad there isn't a whole sub-industry in Hollywood to bulk actors up for roles...
  9. I'm kind of disappionted there's no matchmaking on the Raid. It's the same thing that killed Destiny for me. I'm not sure how trying to catch on with some Rando's in the LFG channel is any different than automated matchmaking, but maybe that's just me.
  10. I remember when people said Chris Evans was too skinny and lanky to be Captain America.
  11. I'm going to a Triple Feature of the John Wick movies tomorrow at the Alamo. I can hardly wait!
  12. I saw it on Sunday and enjoyed it a great deal, even as someone that hasn't played a ton of Pokemon outside of a little Go! on my iPhone. I would like to get the current Switch game.
  13. Got it, thanks! Gee, it's a good thing I don't do computers for a living...oh....wait...
  14. Well, I think I got around to joining, but I can't make a list. wait...why is my name there, twice? edit: now it's not because I didn't realize that little up-arrow was an "eject" button.
  15. We might find out the answers to a lot of these questions after "Far From Home" comes out, and they reveal the Phase 4 roadmap (or part of it.)
  16. Okay, I'll try and get one together today.
  17. Dang, I procrastinated and missed the deadline. Oh well, the software they use gives me a headache, anyhow.
  18. Yep! Big props to you, your nephew, and your brother/brother-in-law(?) for all the help you gave me. Been having a blast in the endgame, and still trying to figure things out. I have 3 or 4 of the True Patriot set and 2 of the Ongone Something-or-Other Set. Still need to figure out what kind of build I want to do, and then how to achieve it.
  19. Thanks for helping me today, Angel! Sorry I couldn't get back on later in the afternoon. Someone was hogging the TV. Hopefully I should be on again tomorrow morning, if you're available.
  20. I fucking LIVED for the "Shazam/Isis Power Hour" on Saturday mornings!
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