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  1. Incredible story I saw on reddit. I'm super keen to trail a group of NPC's scavenging, myself, now.... Wow.
  2. Official release is Friday, but it's been open for play since yesterday (got a great deal on a resold Amazon price error Gold Steelbook edition.) I would think you'd see something soonish. I imagine a game like this and other GaaS titles are hard to review right away.
  3. Played a little bit yesterday and it feels a little more polished from the betas, but there are still some issues (hopefully being addressed in a patch, soonish.) Performance is a mixed bag on my One X. Sometimes it's spectacular, and other times it's nearly a slideshow. Not sure what to make of that... The game opens a little differently from the betas, but eventually gets you back on a path you'll recognize if you played in them.
  4. I know the feeling, but I'm gonna try and juggle them anyhow.
  5. Open Beta this weekend, starting at 4am EST tomorrow morning. I have not tried yet, but you should be able to download the client from Uplay and the Xbox and PSN stores.
  6. Oh, I really like walking around town and seeing new people show up and changes get made to the Fort as you progress through the storyline and level up your faction reps. Launch bay is okay if I want to just run a bunch of Strongholds or anything, though.
  7. I just renewed for a year back in November, but if they continue with just 2 games a month, it's no longer worth it to me, either.
  8. I am not sure if dialog choices change anything or not. I'll have to play through the story on a different character and choose all the "dickhead" responses to see. I have not experienced too many bugs on the X1 version of Anthem, but have seen some whoppers when they do show up. I hope they will get things fixed sooner rather than later. I find I don't have too much trouble getting around town once I learned the layout and the sprint option (although it's really more of a fast walk than a sprint)
  9. I'm still loving the game, now that I finally got past the Tombs roadblock (which WAS annoying.) The story has me sucked in and was "legit shook" when a certain event occurred. I didn't realize I was that invested until then. Now is the start of a 4-day 12hr shift workweek, meaning not much time to play between now and next Sunday. /sadface
  10. It definitely has its flaws and niggling little issues (for instance this morning, I got a pop up banner in the middle of the screen stating that the Server would be going down in 02:00:00, and then updated by re-popping that banner EVERY. SIXTY. SECONDS! until my controller ran low on battery and I had to log out.) I've been playing solo and with randos and have been having a fantastic time. My only major complain would be that Freeplay needs to be more than 4 people for a map that size. Especially if you're soloing. It's not fun to run into a Titan and have the other 3 players clear on the other side of the world. I've been able to solo all the world events I've come across, but Titans just eat my lunch, and I've not found a way to signal the other players that there's shit going on.
  11. It's night-and-day better than the demo, so you may be okay.
  12. I'll have to try it. I've been blessed with 12-year-olds with the standard Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory vocabulary.
  13. I'm enjoying the hell out of it, burned through my 10 hours triel from EA Access and now have to wait until the 22nd to continue even though I pre-ordered (on Xbox. Apparently PC players with Origin Access Premier already have unlimited access to the full game. WTF BioWare/EA?) I don't give two fucks about PVP so if it never comes, no disappointment here. There's plenty of ways to get the PVP fix (Apex, Division 2, etc.)
  14. I've really liked what I've done with it so far. I like that I don't have to talk. I just wish I didn't have to listen to my teammates. Game needs a "mute everyone" option.
  15. The city and the people, I like. It's just the Yankees I'm obligated to hate.
  16. I should be in the Division 2 demo this weekend, and will see what happens. I played a metric shit-ton of Division, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out. I know I'm definitely tired of all the snow and cold in the first game...
  17. The Hobbs & Shaw mission that gave birth to the spinoff was the best part of F8. That and Charlize Theron. yow
  18. As long as the movies keep doing this, they'll keep making 'em. Can't say I haven't enjoyed them, though.
  19. I feel like Anthem is more about the Abilities, rather than the gunplay. Playing as a Storm, I really only use my guns when the abilities are on cooldown, or to finish off a combo. I'm loving it so much right now...
  20. Reminder: The Anthem Demo this weekend is open to everyone that downloads the client. I don't know about PS4, but on Xbox One you can search for Anthem Demo in the Store, and it should come up. You'll need to use the Origin client for PC.
  21. I was thinking maybe they were going to put "Black Widow" in Guardians' old spot.
  22. Here's my VIP Demo Friend Code link. It's good for three uses, so first come, first served! https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/anthem-demos/redeem?token=MXBIUm1ubz0jTSMxMDAwMDIwODA0ODgy edit: One use left!
  23. VIP Demo starts @ 11am CST today. Right in the middle of my work day. Awesome. 😛 Excited to see where it's at since the Alpha. My understanding is the build is about 6 weeks old, and is already quite a bit different than the final product we'll see next month.
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