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  1. Nintendo and Universal Hollywood have finally acknowledged the construction of Nintendo World in California on the lower lot. They've even started selling merchandise in the Studio Store. The land will open next summer. I'm still not sure they're managing to fit anything more than Mario Kart into the small space they have in Hollywood so I don't expect Yoshi to be going in there unless they change the track layout.
  2. It always feels weird having started the thread for a game I'm probably not going to play because I know I'm just not up to the challenge. I watched that Keef video on Souls when Cam posted one of his videos in the Switch thread a few weeks back. He's put up a lot of funny stuff. I mentioned it in the Switch thread at the time by his RE: Village video really had me laughing.
  3. The British Film Institute (BFI) have today revealed their debut UHD release.... The Seventh Seal! Presented on 4K UHD Blu-ray and High Definition Blu-ray Audio commentary by film critic and editor-in-chief of Diabolique magazine, Kat Ellinger Other extras TBC Release date is 18th October. Priced at just £19.99 too! I'll be interested to know the HDR specs. I'd expect Fidelity in Motion to be handling the compression for this as they've been doing BFI's recent Bergman Blu-rays. "The release marks an exciting new venture for the label, with further UHD editions set to be announced over the coming months." 👀 *waves to Criterion from a passing vehicle*
  4. The Guns of Navarone announced for October 12 in the US (I'd imagine UK will be around the same time, if not a day earlier): Disc specs and bonus features: 4K ULTRA HD DISC Presented in 4K resolution from the original camera negative, with HDR10 Playback available with and without Original Roadshow Intermission Card All-new Dolby Atmos audio + 5.1 audio + original theatrical 4-track stereo Special Features: NEW: Main Title Progression Reel Theatrical Trailer BLU-RAY DISC Feature presented in HD, sourced from the 4K master Special Features: Audio Commentary by Director J. Lee Thompson Audio Commentary by Film Historian Stephen J. Rubin The Resistance Dossier of Navarone: Interactive Feature Forging The Guns of Navarone: Notes from the Set An Ironic Epic of Heroism Memories of Navarone Epic Restoration A Heroic Score Great Guns No Visitors Honeymoon on Rhodes Two Girls on the Town Narration-Free Prologue Message from Carl Foreman This release will initially include a limited edition o-ring, featuring the film’s original poster art. I'm certain that Sony know the UHD market audience is largely made up of cinephiles/collector's and have moved to treat a lot of their output like a modern day answer to laserdisc. Once again we see their recent dedication to including the original audio mix, and that original poster art slipcover is wonderful.
  5. Definitely not the part of the game I'm interested in, but it's certainly nice to hear that their reaction to the multiplayer is so positive (and likewise on the graphics front). I so hope they deliver on the Campaign. As a player I'd be happy of course, but I'd be especially happy for the dev team after the stress of the last eighteen months. It's interesting too that we're currently looking at a Holiday season where MS have Halo and Forza Horizon 5 while Sony have.... TBA. It's a bit of a switcheroo on last winter unless Sony have a big hitter to surprise us with (which is entirely possible).
  6. The forthcoming disc of The Adams Family is going to feature an extended cut which is interesting (amusingly billed as "With More Mamushka"). Not sure if that will be the only version on the disc or whether Paramount will offer both that and the theatrical, but I had no idea Sonnenfeld was even keen to do such a thing. From Googling I found a recent interview in which Sonnenfeld revealed "We're putting back the entire 'mamushka.' There was the big song and dance number in the middle, written by Adolph Green and Marc Shaiman and Betty Comden. We had cut it in half and we're restoring the full-length version, so that's exciting." The release date has slipped from October to November 9th now and I'll have to import this one as the rights are with Fox in the UK (so we won't be getting a disc here). I really hope Paramount do Adams Family Values next year. That's such a brilliant sequel.
  7. I don't think the choice of timeline is a problem as such, more that the land is hampered by a timeline at all. I do strongly believe it was the right decision to create an entirely new planet. I quickly came around to that idea, and in hindsight think it was the smartest choice they could have made as that in itself makes the land pretty malleable to weave in whatever characters they want, but Disney's noble quest for story immersion with Galaxy's Edge is totally at odds with the reality that the company also needs Star Wars to be sprawling and ever expanding through new movies and tv shoes...etc, so they've backed themselves into a corner because they can't stick something like Mandalorian and the bloody baby in there, or Vader....etc. It's like trying to hit a square peg into a round hole. It really is kind of bizarre that Rise of the Resistance would debut just as the world was bidding farewell to those characters. I don't know if there's an easy way to make Galaxy's Edge work in the way that they want it to. We know it was a (late) response to the Wizarding World over at Universal, but the Potter stories are fixed in time, and every time I see video of the Potter lands I just can't help but think Universal have done a better job despite the equally exquisite attention to detail of Batuu. It's partly that problem of Potter's universe being magical, fun and a little bit scary. Those are elements that make it immediately engaging, while much of the Star Wars universe exists in the shadow of space fascism. Then you have things like the lightsaber construction experience, created in response to the Potter wand selection, but there too Universal have the upper hand in that the wand not only gives you something to take home, but serves a purpose in the lands in letting you interact with the scenery to uncover Easter eggs. That seems so brilliantly intuitive, while all Galaxy's Edge got in the end was a mobile app that I often wonder how many guests are even aware of. I can't help but think that it will someday just become a defecto Star Wars Land, with Disney just randomly throwing whatever they want in there in response to guest demand or, most likely, because they'll have something new to promote (like how Forky ended up in Toy Story Land which made no sense whatsoever if you're to believe that's Andy's backyard). I don't doubt it. I'd expect them to sell through the first eighteen months very quickly. There will be those wealthy enough not to bat an eyelid at the pricing, and those who will save and spend just to boast that they've done it. Long term though? I'll be curious to see how it does and how it evolves. Group sizes has been something on my mind. There's 100 rooms, which we agree will all sell out. So that's going to be a minimum of 200 guests in rotation every 48hrs, which we know will be more once you account for parents with a kid or two, so is it really going to be possible for each and every one of those guests to have a unique one of a kind experience? Disney's PR for the Starcruiser today already reveals that there will be upcharges for extra special experiences like a higher end meal at the captain's table, so an already pretty exclusive experience for those who can afford it is going to have additional charges to make your story extra special. Disney also released a sample itinerary: https://www.wdwmagic.com/resorts/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser/news/04aug2021-pricing-revealed-for-disney-worlds-star-wars-themed-resort-experience.htm Outside of the "story moments" which they make clear will be varied, you can see how a lot of the general experience activities really do resemble a twist on what one might expect on an actual cruise ship. Is that exciting for Star Wars fans who'll pay for this? We'll have to see. It's difficult to look at that and gauge what age group they are targeting here though. I'm also curious about the transport shuttle to Batuu. For one it's interesting that the timings would place you in Hollywood Studios during park hours (perhaps ever so slightly before to accommodate getting starcruiser guests onto Rise in the morning), but starcruiser guests are allowed to cosplay for this experience... yet that's historically a big "nono" to anyone but little kids when it comes to stepping foot in any Disney park, so what happens if a dedicated fan shows up in a very convincing Boba Fett costume and wants to strut out into Galaxy's Edge? One need only look at any comic convention to see just amazing and authentic some fan costumes are, and this experience seems like a Star Wars cosplayer's dream come true.
  8. The two-night Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Hotel experience will set you back $4,809 for two, rising to $5,299 for two adults and one child and $5,999 for three adults and one child. I'm assuming "adult" is the Disney definition of an adult needing a park tickets, so basically anyone over 10yrs old. These are off season weekdays rates. They will be higher depending on when you visit. There will also be higher priced cabins (one of which will included extra dining and experiences with the "Captain"), prices for which are still unknown. FAQ: https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/faq/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser/
  9. PC modders started using Google Maps assets in the game last year which I thought was interesting: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/microsoft-flight-simulator-modders-are-replacing-bing-with-google-maps-data/
  10. Absolutely. Once COVID19 is truly behind us my feeling is that there's going to be at least two or three years of domestic and international holidaymakers who would have cancelled planned visits due to the pandemic finally making it out and flooding the parks, and even beyond that customer base it's hard to see where a tipping point might be. Can such a thing as Disney World truly avoid there being a tipping point for guest satisfaction? I worry the answer might actually be yes. I'd be really interested to know the percentage of repeat visitors to WDW. I'd imagine those of most value to Disney itself would be those who invest in the Vacation Club since they're literal investors in property on the land. It's really only something I think about as it's repeat guests who who have points of reference for how the quality of the rides, resorts and customer services has either increased or decreased over time. First time/one time guests only know what they witness at the time of their visit, so there's no bar for them to truly measure the value of their experience. They simply won't know about older magic hour perks, complimentary resort perks like the magical express or the shift away from classic Disney design ethics...etc that have either shifted in favour of the wealthiest visitors or fallen away entirely, and on that basis they must surely be Disney's favourite kind of customers.
  11. I continue to be puzzled about The Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon not being part of the forthcoming classic monsters discs, particularly when they're doing elaborate packaging for the four they are releasing: There will also be steelbooks. US release date is 5th of October. I haven't seen any disc specs yet (hopefully the original audio mixes and the Spanish Dracula in 4K, are part of the package though). Hopefully they do a second volume with the other big three (and perhaps the 1943 Phantom of the Opera or something). The four they are releasing I believe will be the main focus of the classic monsters land at Universal's next Florida theme park. Even though that's several years away perhaps they're wanting to push those films in particularly ahead of any others. It's the only explanation I can think of given the others all had 4k restorations completed years ago.
  12. I should stress that I don't believe they will incorporate the exact same model as Paris in Florida. I just don't think they would dare.... though admittedly when I look at everything else they're uncharging for now there's a tiny part of me that thinks "maaaaybe?." There's definitely some overhaul to Fastpass due in WDW though. Maybe they'll just copy over Maxpass from Disneyland.
  13. Premier Access Fastpass rolling out formally in Paris this week. Want to pay €15 to cut the line on Peter Pan? 😮 I kind of want to see them carry this over to WDW just to see if they'd dare be so brazen. The fallout would be spectacular.
  14. That looks great, though admittedly even if it didn't I'd be in for Carl Weathers alone.
  15. And here's the second of the two Ridley Scott/Adam Driver team ups:
  16. I never knew that. Fascinating, and how unbeliveably petty that they would pull it entirely after being caught out. Several years ago the papers relating to the accounting for one of the Harry Potter films leaked out into the open and showed some of the tomfoolery Warner employed to try and show how it hadn't made a profit, despite taking almost a billion at the box office. With that one, if memory serves, they were grossly fudging the interest rates which seems to be one of the most common tricks that's regularly employed by studios.
  17. That was fun. While challenging, certainly, I genuinely don't recall the trilogy being brutally difficult by virtue of the fact that I completed all three multiple times when they came out which (was rare for me when faced with a truly tough game). It's a shame Empire and Jedi never made it to PS4 with frame rate boosts though. I wish all three were on Switch too. Lucasarts/Disney could do a nice compilation like Konami did for Castlevania, Contra...etc. It's nice to have that little frame skip when jumping confirmed as back when Super Star Wars came out I wondered if I was only experiencing that because I had a US copy plugged into the top of a multi-region cartridge in my UK SNES and thought that might have been the cause.
  18. Circle round the hills within a perimeter of several miles. You'll see the sign, Griffith Park, all the studio lots, Cinerama dome...etc. All pretty well rendered. It's brilliant.
  19. Indeed. Like I said, this is decades old trickery from accounting departments. If one wanted another Marvel example, they need only look back to Spider-man and Stan Lee filing a lawsuit after never getting his 10% net profit share as Rami's movie apparently "never made a profit.".... He later got $10m. Fascinatingly that whole fiasco helped propel Marvel to produce films themselves so they could earn a greater share of profits, and now here find them today, involved in legal hot water all over again now that they no longer operate as an independent entity. The pandemic's merely given studio accounting departments an opportunity to try some new tricks to test what they can get away with. They know their usual exaggerated distribution, marketing costs and cut of profits to exhibitors excuses can't possibly fly when it comes to day and date streaming/download, so they'll be looking to find new ways to massage the figures and find loopholes in contracts. The music industry operates in the exact same way. In the last eighteen months you can in fact look at all kinds of businesses the world over to see that they've used the pandemic as a means to explore just what kinds of things they can get away with not doing. If you circle it back to Disney as just one example, and look at things being stripped from the theme park experience, the pandemic showed them that people are still willing to come and still willing to pay even with previously commonplace complimentary perks altered or taken away, so a number of things that changed initially with the view to simply help ride out pandemic management cutbacks are now looking like permanent changes. In that instance of course, there's reasonable argument to also blame the consumer for merrily paying up for a lesser experience in their blind commitment to an enormous conglomerate. We'll see if guest sentiment changes much whenever Disney's parks can open up again to an influx of international visitors (outside of repeat visitors I'd expect not, since first timers will have no frame of reference for what might have been there before, and Disney know that all to well so can quite literally bank on people being none the wiser).
  20. That's a really great help, Cam. Thanks. It's still something I need to give a lot of thought to. Brexit+pandemic has upended my photo and video plans completely over the past several years and has left me feeling rather directionless so I'm still not sure whether I'd sooner have a hybrid camera, or just something like a Black Magic 6k to focus purely on video while keeping hold of a separate stills body purely for personal use. How's the EVF on the Z6II? (I've probably asked you before ☺️).
  21. I discovered yesterday that some work needs to go into the Auto-AI for whenever a player might want to enjoy a set and forget/be a passenger approach. It seems reliable for taxiing, take off and the flight itself. Landing, however, seems to be more challenging and is quite buggy (the plane might make its final approach inaccurately, and it is especially prone to crash landing, or landing but then skewing across a runway at any angle until veers off of the tarmac and stops on the grass of collides with something, never even making it to the gate safely). It's an oddity, and from some research it seems to have plagued the game for quite some time, so hopefully they are working on it. Also, if you set up a long flight and everything is Auto AI, and you skip ahead in that flight via the pop up menu, this can often completely confuse the game and cause a plane to begin an auto descent far, far too early and inevitably crash land.
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