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    • I still think it’s probably just my own irritation with it. I can see what people like in Majora, I really can, but as it went on it just started grating on me.   Part of the problem is that it’s still mired in the design sensibilities of that era - the 3D still isn’t great; the designer who thinks making you walk (or worse, run/roll) along a thin strip of platform to achieve something is fun needs a solid thrashing. Ocarina did this too, but I’m also not wrangling with the time limits and potentially replaying chunks of it to get back to where I screwed up.   And then you have little nitpicks like how goddamn long it takes for the transformation masks to kick in. Yes, it is mere seconds but when you have to swap all three out several times over it begins to drive me insane.   I think the time limit doesn’t mesh well with an open world design. Hitman is super fun and The Sexy Brutale has a similar over and over replay that’s not as frustrating because the design locks you into a relatively small space.   With Majora’s Mask, you might have to blast across the map a bunch of times and it wasn’t working for me. I think the concept is fantastic - the first part where you’re exploring Clock Town and trying to get the Deku Mask off before the moon hits is SO good - you have a few puzzles, a time limit, a clear goal.   Compared to when I’m going back over the same ground for the 20th time to reach a temple so I can try and find a stray fairy or have to kill a boss for the third time, it’s practically not even the same game.
    • It's funny-even playing this back on the N64, I don't remember ever finding the timing too tight.  It took some planning, sure, but if you start a run with the intent of hitting a dungeon, and then use the half speed time song (you did figure that one out...right?  If not that would make the timeline a whole lot harder to deal with), it seemed to be plenty of time to finish.  The only place where the remake really helped out was in getting a couple of the events that are dependent on a specific hour, so rather than just waiting around, you can advance to exactly 2am.  There are also a couple of things that have pretty tight timelines that are tricky to complete (the wedding mask is a really long chain if I recall), but I suppose it depends on whether part of this challenge is to 100% every game or not. You can get burned with having to repeat something (like a boss fight), but the ability to warp straight to the boss made it pretty reasonable to do a run where you could re-explore a whole area post-boss without too much trouble.    Curious though-where do you think things fell apart?  Something specific about the design, or just getting sick of the repetition?   I actually just started playing Hitman (the one from a couple years back), and it's very similar to Majora in a lot of ways because of the clockwork repetition of the whole world (and, I suppose, disguises).
    • The Phantom is without a doubt one of the greatest Mario game bosses ever conceived. 
    • Last night, I thought I was done with the campaign for Resident Evil Reveations 2. I got to the end of Episode 4, defeated the final boss  and... got the bad ending.   I was not expecting that. I didnt even know there were multiple endings in this game.   I immeditely looked up how to get the good ending, and spent most of today replaying Episodes 3 and 4 (in other words, half the game) in order to get it, which I did just now. I think I can finally say I’m “done” with the campaign.   Now all I have to do is play the “Little Miss” and “The Struggle” bonus episodes, both of which shouldn’t take more than a couple hours combined to beat.Once all they’re done, I’ll post my thoughts on the game as a whole. I really want to have it up before the remake of RE2 comes out next week. My goal has always been to play through every game before its release. I think I will make it just in time.   Oh yeah, in case you had any doubt, Barry Burton is a total badass.   
    • Got to 3-7 tonight. Might see if I can push to finish the core game by Sunday night as I believe there are 4 worlds (?) to play, then unlockable bonuses.   The general difficulty level of the game is just right for my tastes. It’s challenging, but the style of turn based gameplay is actually rather relaxing. Boss fights are getting tougher. The World 3 mid level boss took several attempts as you’re swarmed by so many regular enemies that it’s all too easy to find yourself bombarded. I had to keep my team far enough apart to flank the boss, but close enough to use Rabbid Peach’s team health boost.    Bwahhhh!   
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