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    • I agree on the music. It didn’t bother me at all and it’s nowhere near as bad as New Island.
    • It’s like they blended the simplicity of Little Big Planet with the aesthetics of Tearaway and stuck Yoshi in it, and I’m totally down with that. I turned to Super Lucky’s Tale on XB1 recently in the hope of scratching a relaxed platformer itch, and it’s not really doing much for me, but I sense that this will push all the right buttons (admittedly I have a huge bias for most things Yoshi related).   Here’s John from DF taking a look at it:           I don’t fully agree with him on the music... at least not until I hear the full soundtrack. The demo level’s theme we get is the same tune used in almost every trailer, and it’s a pity there’s no variant when you go to play the flip side of the same level. That said, the music in the menus is rather nice (particularly the level completion screen tune) and I though the music in the story trailer was fine.
    • I can’t wait for the full release. It’s not challenging no but, that’s ok 😊 it’s gorgeous, feels unique and is just so full of goodness I can’t help but smile. I’ve played through the demo 3 times now even after 100% everything and I’m still enjoying it. 
    • I completely forgot to post about the Prototype Missions demo that went up onto the eShop after last week’s Direct. It’s pretty polished style wise, and there’s clearly a fair amount of depth you get into in customising your bot suit. I wanted it to be a bit more fast and frantic though, more Platinum-esque I suppose. The initial mission feels slow, but by the second your movement feels a bit faster and more fluid, however there’s still something a little lacking.    Apparently Nintendo have been sending out surveys to a number who have tried the demo so clearly there is time to improve things in response to feedback. 
    • As I said in the other thread. Shocking no one.
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