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    • Might as well start calling this My Auro3D Experience, too!  Anyway, Back to the Future sounds great in Auro3D, especially the storm sounds at the end of the movie.  And the score soars!  With my wife and daughter on their annual end-of-summer trip, I'll be trying out quite a few movies upmixed to Auro3D, my go-to sound in my HT.
    • If anyone is a fan of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may be interested in the news that Apple has ordered a series written by Charlie Day and Rob McElhenny which takes place at a Video Game Developer. Could be interesting.    https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/charlie-day-rob-mcelhenney-apple-comedy-series-1202901078/
    • We played Villainous for the first time. I enjoyed it, but think it will be best with four people. Playing with 5 it was hard to keep track of what everyone was doing, as it is all player board based, and everyone has different objectives.   We then played a few rounds of Wits and Wagers Party Edition, and a lot of One Night Ult Werewolf for the first time.. Both were a blast. Sometimes it’s fun playing some party games for a few hours. 
    • Ain't that the truth!
    • I really want to see the details about the in-testing Alamo Pass. That could save us a lot of money. We've got one renovated AMC near us, but I don't like their concession pricing at all, I'd rather go to the Alamo. 
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