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    • Sloppy as hell but at least an attempt to fix continuity.  The number of shuttles et al was hilariously over done.   The casting for the Enterprise crew was superior. Would much rather stay with Pike next season.
    • So uh, remember when you go off to college, four years pass by, and when you come back home you're like, "uh, that girl grew up. This is awkward." That's what this episode felt like.
    • Tackled one of my outstanding titles that I’ve never beaten but really should have a long time ago.     Castlevania Bloodlines in the history books!
    • So I played the first chapter of LOTR and I really enjoyed it, but I failed    It was because of a stupid decision I made. Instead of moving quicker across the board, I tried to do a search on a token, which I knew was not going to push forward the story at that point. I failed the search the first time with Legolas, and instead of moving on,  did the same thing again. So I had no choice but to keep Aragorn with him, as Legolas on turn two got a bunch of damage on him. The enemy phase that happened  right after that was the biggest jump up the threat level, and things got bad from there. Had to use a bunch of  readied skill cards/inspiration to take down enemies because of bad draws . I was still close to finishing, as were up to the last turn before failure, but the game kicked me in the balls. The darkness phase killed  Aragorn  with a 3 fright card draw,  which turned into 6 because of card effects, and then worst draw from my deck for successes during his last stand. So Legolas was all alone. I was able to search the base token twice, but I got zero successes both times, and had nothing to help. Oh well,  I will play  Chapter 2 tomorrow night, and get revenge    I will give broader thoughts as I play more, but here are a few quick things   The strategy involving the skill deck/draw for successes really works well I made a few mistakes the first time I started, so I began again. The entire map was different, and a few changes were made.  Very nice to see this on the app, as MOM first layout was always very similar on multiple plays I am playing solo as two characters, but I kind of wish I did at least three. That way Legolas could be more Range all the time, and I do not have to use him so much for doing clues and such.  So after that my niece beat me at Roll for It , and Lolipop challenge, so I should give up gaming all together
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