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  1. Netflix on TVos will finally be getting a line for New Netflix original releases, and Upcoming releases. You can set notifications for when when something is released.
  2. Phil found my Dreamcast copy of Shenmue. That made my week.
  3. Yeah for the third year in a row I am in a close race. Last year I won by a point, before that I lost by a point. Could come down to Labor Day Monday . I gotta hope Hobbes and Shaw $$ takes a hit when Angel has Fallen comes out next week.
  4. My niece has not watched that, I will have to try and sneak it on the tv. In other news Obi-Wan Disney+ series with Ewan looks to be in the works https://deadline.com/2019/08/ewan-mcgregor-obi-wan-kenobi-disney-plus-star-wars-1202669319/ I was hoping the movie rumors were true, but a series is even better.
  5. I think the last cmon game I got was Rising sun. Which is a shame As I used to get a lot of their games.
  6. Yeah. I went with Romier shopping over the weekend and bought Virtua Tennis and Ready to Rumble for Dreamcast for around $23 total. That’s as baller as I get
  7. Sleeping Gods i will wait for retail, as nothing major is KS exclusive. I may break on backing a KS, as I have put $1 on Trudvang Legends as I like the gameplay videos a few people have posted. Will wait to see more before backing. CMON is good at having pledge managers being longer. Any good games I can play solo these days catch my eye. Its been hard getting people together for a while now.
  8. He has always been like that, even before he became head of Xbox. He should have been given the position instead of Matrick.
  9. While in PA i picked up the Scythe Modular board, scythe encounter card pack, the new choose your own adventure, and Chrono Trek. Chrono trek is a lot of fun, we played a handful of games. Last night we played 3 person Outer Rim , and had a blast. Wish we were staying another day to play again. Was a Close game, that i would have won if I did not roll blanks
  10. I probably have one buried in a closet. I should hook that up for Sophia to play.
  11. I love Arkham lcg. I bought the the first few cycles on the cheap a while back, so I still have plenty to play still. I am not to the point where I have had to do much building yet. There is no rush to keep up as I’m Not building decks to play against people. The Marvel one is a lot more simple. You take the 13 cards from the hero you want, take a grouping of an archetype, and add in a few neutral cards so the deck is between 40-50ish cards. Every character pack comes as a playable deck. I am very glad these two games are co-op, as its easy to solo play as well. No deck building is also why I like Keyforge:)
  12. I got past the DD pretty quickly, haven’t been able to play much this week.
  13. I am really looking forward to the marvel lcg. It scales from 1-4 players, and the way the deck creation works, opens all sorts of new possibilities. Team Covenant has many videos about the game , and a few gameplay videos.
  14. I’m interested in Keyforge and marvel lcg, the rest was pretty boring. They didn’t even announce any more Lord of the Rings Adventures expansions.
  15. I wanted a campaign style game , but I want the minis 🤣
  16. FFG just announced a Marvel Living Card Game. Maybe one day we will get a proper marvel mini game.
  17. Yeah raiders is one of my favorite worker placements. I picked up the expansions but have not tried them yet. We did play some 3 person Outer rim tonight. Really enjoyed it so far, but had to stop (long story). I am going to try solo mode later in the week.
  18. Have you played raiders of the North Sea? Love that one. Gonna play SW Outer Rim tonight, so looking forward to that.
  19. Their titles have been 4k for $25 on Vudu for a long time now. So it’s a two issue thing for Disney. iTunes is $20 for titles, and the free upgrade for people who own it.
  20. Inhumans have been a big part of Agents of shield even before the horrible show. Only reason marvel pushed the Inhumans so hard was because fox had the x-men license. Now there I no reason to. Though they are interesting characters. MCU never got into the entire Inhumans were created by the Kree, and that all can tie into stuff that involves the Eternals and Celestials, so who knows where we are headed,
  21. Update on The Dark Phoenix digital on iTunes. The preorder now shows as 4k.
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