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  1. A million times this. Driver and Johansson have one of the most emotional scenes ever put on the screen, and I felt every second of it. Fucking incredible. Netflix has got a lot of shit for bad films, but they really stepped up in 2019 with Irishmen, Dolemite, Marriage Story and a few others.
  2. Yeah I have a good time playing Harry Potter, we need to get around finishing it.
  3. Best Buy has 2 and 3 for deals, but they have been the same movies for the last year.
  4. Disc prices are holding the platform back. $30 for titles is insane.
  5. The game was released as a buggy unfinished piece of garbage , so nothing surprises me.
  6. Looks like the marvel D+ shows are going to start earlier then announced. They released a video showing stuff coming in 2020 and Wandavision was on it, and that was supposed to be right before Dr Strange came out in 2021z Which means Falcon and Winter solider will be out earlier then Fall as its almost wrapped filming.
  7. Ok im gonna skip to witcher 2. Played a bit more, and The camera controls suck. Its giving me a headache.
  8. I am really looking forward to watching this.
  9. @Romier S I played about an hour so far, and it hasn’t pissed me off yet. So I’ll keep going for now. It was great the game starts with the stuff from the show.
  10. I have played a small bit of the first witcher game, but the tv series has me itching to jump in. I already owned the first on PC so I will be starting there. However I just picked up 2 and 3 complete editions for dirt cheap on sale on Xbone. They are also the same price on Steam. I thought i had also played a bit of 3 somewhere, but I cant seem to find any trace of it on any my accounts. Was it ever a PSN title?, I'm not a sub on there anymore so it would not show up.
  11. Well the good news is the Witcher in a week was already the second most watched streaming show of the year. Netflix dont fuck this up.
  12. funny you say that, look what Funko just announced,
  13. That was terrific, s2 can not be released quick enough. If you have never read the books or played the games it does not matter. The entire cast is great.
  14. Lost in Space S2 was just as fun as the first. We better get a S3, because I want answers.
  15. Found it funny that Johnson’s inspiration for the Thrombey name came from a CYoA book I read as a kid.
  16. Only time people win KoT by points is larger games. Smaller games are always brawls.
  17. Ah I only saw it once, I thought it was both colors, it probably was theirs.
  18. Disney has all sorts of publishing partners for SW books From All eras.
  19. Well that’s probably because an entire plot point about his child being taken by the first order, and the women Finn met is his daughter,was never actually fleshed out in the film.
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