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  1. PS2 ports are fairly easy to make 1080i, 720p.
  2. I hope they start selling a new headset as my current on is starting to get pretty beat up. PS - Madeleine Stowe has nice boobies.
  3. where the hell was I? Oh yeah i was busy watching my Academy screener for The Two Towers on DVD.
  4. the problem with forcing people to use realnames is 1) you must manually approve every new membership 2) how do you know that the name is really their real one and 3) most gamers go by there handles anyways, even in real life. plus i don't feel like reprogramming phpBB
  5. but the xbox doesn't have 56k support! that to me is worth the $20 alone. ps - if you didn't realize i'm joking by now shame on you.
  6. Yes they did remove the Video/Mono out jacks.
  7. What amazes me is my wife will play the worst games out there over and over, for instance she plays this game called The Legend of Kage on the NES all the time, its terrible terrible just out right terrible.
  8. good to know you smoke, that should make the august trip more bearable.
  9. I'll be on most of the time except dinner time.
  10. My wife likes Worms, Space Channel 5, and California Games on the NES. She liked to watch our online SOCOM battles, but she can't stand Wolf....strange.
  11. What that the Internet Connection at the Hooked on Phonics Institute was crap last night?
  12. Yes it runs on Lithtech Jupiter.
  13. sorry for having to leave so early last night guys, the wife was pissing me off.
  14. Parliment Lights in a box please.
  15. man those guys are pretty funny. can't wait to see how they end the series and what they do for Halo 2.
  16. even with my uni-sex name, I'll still kick your ass.
  17. so is that what he decided to use a name after the surgerory
  18. Well, I was married, look like Frodo, and I am about to become a father, so I would think I know a lot about it. -Dean- Got divorced because you told your wife you needed to find your Sam, found him and then you guys got a surrogate mother. Come on that was easy!
  19. That is a picture of the offical Team Men with Hats Hot Nazi Cheerleader. Think of her as the 5th member of Men with Hats. PS - What would you(and WDUGM) know about pussy?
  20. guess i'll have to get this one now.
  21. No One Lives Forever 2 is totally bad ass.
  22. True, because we are so good we don't need eyesight to mow you guys down.
  23. If I was making a game that wasn't Half-Life 2, DOOM3, or Halo 2 I'd be scared to release during Oct. - Feb.
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