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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/12/13/news_6114977.html More word on this including commentary from Take Two:
  2. http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?t...storyID=7079814 Crap.
  3. You know, I realized I never posted my specs in this thread. Here you go: CPU: Pentium IV 3.06gig 533mhz FSB with HT RAM: 768mb PC1066 RDRAM GPU: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb Sound: Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Samsung 48X CD-R/CD-RW Drive Running: Windows XP Home Edition - Service Pack 2
  4. I sent you a PM Dave. Oh and Brian has me beat in the DC collection front. I'm only at about 110 games where as I'm sure he has near or well over 200 at this point. :tu: I'm just a lowly Sega fan trying to share the proverbial nut with his friends.
  5. Yep, that I had seen before. I know Sega has shut down the "official" servers late last year if memory serves.
  6. I don't think it's possible to do so anymore Dave. At least not through Sega's servers that is, though I may be wrong. You could always pick up the Xbox version of the game and play for the 2 free months you get on Live. I still have yet to cancel my hunters pass yet so you'll definitely have a friend online. My local EB still has a rack full of DC games (some good stuff like Space Channel, Jet Grind Radio which I know you'll want). If you want anything let me know. I'll be glad to pick them up for you and we can work out something out via paypal or whenever. Oh and CONGRATS!
  7. Hate it. I hate what I do. I hate having to walk into this god awful place and I hate having to talk to the ridiculous human beings I talk to on a day to day basis. That said I get paid alot of money to do what I do so I swallow the bullshit of it all and deal with it until my wife gets out of school and I can quit.
  8. Indeed. At the official Deadwood site they have a small bit of info about Season 2. Debut is set for 2005. The official Carnivale site has also updated with news that Season 2 is indeed in production! (Another HBO show I fell in love with.) DVD sets for both series are on the way! :tu:
  9. So do you think Al is in love with Trixie just a little bit? Sure its that misanthropic kind of love but hey its better than nothing I suppose. That was some cold shit he said to after he collected the money from Seths partner: "Tonight you sleep with your own." Ouch.
  10. My god, just give Ian McShane every single damn Emmy under the sun. FUCKING amazing performance.
  11. "I'm so glad I taught you that word" :lmfao:
  12. Oh I agree completely. This is most definitely all intricately planned/scripted. You can only get so much mileage out of the character Swearengen started as before it becomes a caricature.
  13. I think your point of having more insight into Swearengens' character is a good one Jay. We really have not, unitl recently, been privy to the "lighter" side of Al's personality. Early on in the shows life he was depicted as being downright cruel but recently we have Eb getting away with some actions (not going the full price with the widow for example etc..) that characteristically Al would have had others killed for. The contrast to Cy is the single most important tool the writers have used in creating a basis for how to view Al and his recent actions. When Cy and the Bella Union peopl
  14. I don't even have anymore adjectives to describe how good this show has been thus far. Last night was equal parts emotional (Jane leaving, her talk with Charlie and the priest), hilarious (can Al get anymore damn entertaining?) and interesting (Seths relationship with his "wife" and his brothers child and the concern the Doctor has for the priest and his seizures). Again I I have that Swearengen is a freaking riot. "I fled from my fucking office in horror...." :lmfao:. I really enjoy how the writers of the show have moved and evolved his character alongside Cy. As the show moves along Cy
  15. I can't get enough of Swearengen. Ian McShane is just plain out brilliant and is one of main reasons I have really taken to this show. The part where Powers Boothe is threatening him over his tone and finger pointing "That tone is going to get you a go fuck yourself". the facial expression Swearengen gives him is absolutely priceless. Almost like the threat got him aroused. My wife and I both laughed. It wasn't exactly as good as the "Why Wild Bill..." but it was close.
  16. Its not exactly as though we didn't know it was coming (from a historical standpoint). In the end it depends on how historically accurate the creators of the show wanted to be in leading to this event. Even then the way it was all handled and the progression of the story from the very beginning leading up the end of this weeks episode was absolutely BRILLIANT television.
  17. :shock: I wonder if the people at HBO who produce and greenlight these shows just turn around and say to each other "Damn we fucking rock!"
  18. Anyone catch this after The Soprano's tonight? My wife and I decided to stay tuned in and give the show a chance. I'm usually not much for westerns to be truthful but with HBO I give a little leeway since they have yet to fail me. First of all let me say that Ian McShane's portrayal of Al (the bartender/proprietor who runs the whore house) was phenominal and I'd watch the show just to continue seeing what he does next. They did a great job of pushing forward several up and coming storylines and also layed the groundwork for what to expect of these characters. Seth and Sol look to be the m
  19. Negative ghost rider . I have to disagree with Mark and recommend you definitely check out the original as well as Bloodlust. The animation is dated but it still stands as an excellent movie with a good storyline. They don't however tie into each other so the sequence matters little.
  20. Some of my favorites: Perfect Blue: If you ever wanted Hitchcock and anime to meld as one I would highly suggest watching this movie. Its equal parts errie and schizophrenic (with a dash of slasher movie) featuring the story of a pop star who wants to move into acting but is pushed to the brink of insanity by a stalker who's identity/reveal would make M. Night Shyamalan blush. Highly Recommended. Blood: The Last Vampire: This one is a double edged sword. It feartures some of the best animation out there as well as showcasing the integration of tradional hand drawn animation with CGI re
  21. Brian :green: http://www.lcvg.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2500
  22. Daniel lives in the Uk J. Killer 7 may not see a release there for a few months after the US release and Dan has the ability to play US Gamecube discs. I've shipped off some odds and ends to Dan in the past (Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and some CD soundtracks) and am shipping some emulation discs and Metroid Prime for him soon. Its a bit of inside joke but Killer 7 will be getting a US release.
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