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  1. foogledricks

    Days Gone - New Sony Bend game

    The Fallout vibe came from the open world/Skyrim-like feel, with the post-apocalyptic setting, zombies, abandoned gas stations, and make-shift cities and more closely reminds me of Fallout. Its just the closest open world comparison I can make from the games I've played. I wasn't thinking gameplay obviously. Ironically what made me think of Fallout more than anything was the scary car tunnel, and I now realize that that didn't remind me of Fallout, I was actually confusing Fallout with dying light. There is that one shot of a zombie chewing on a guys neck, which obviously looks exactly like Last of Us.
  2. foogledricks

    Days Gone - New Sony Bend game

    Looks like Fallout.
  3. I think I'm gonna focus on higher quality ball bearings. Its all ball bearings now-a-days.
  4. You're basically saying "Sorry I knocked all your teeth out, but think of the money you'll save on toothpaste and floss."
  5. Wait, so me thinking about, and figuring out, what the future holds for my home theater with regard to a projector purchase that supports HDR is basically fruitless? Instead I should be targeting an 85 inch TV to replace my 88 inch screen/projector? That isn't crazy. That is under consideration in fact. A little sad to get rid of my setup, but if that is the wisest thing to do, I'm glad to emotionally accept that the future is bright and that brightness will come from a flat panel instead of a projector. Consider that I'm going to get a few more years out of my 1080p Optoma projector. So 2 years from now, I'll reconsider. But maybe a BIG flat panel will be the likely outcome.
  6. foogledricks

    Upcoming Movies The Trilogy (Part III)

    I tried to watch the most recent ghostbusters. I couldn't watch it. The very first dialog scene was supposed to be really cute and funny, but I wasn't feeling it. I think it will be hard to re-capture the magic of that first movie. So much of it was the actors and their performances. It wasn't the "ghost busting" that was the heart of the movie. It was the characters. Who knows, maybe they can pull it off.
  7. Every. Single. Thing. The music. The tone. The pacing. The jokes (The Han Solo movie trailer had tons of jokes, none of which I thought were particularly funny. Not a good sign that I'm going to find the actual movie funny). The setup with him going on a trip without his spidey suite because he thinks he doesn't need it. The continuity with adult authority figures hitting on his hot aunt. The situation of him having to maintain his two identities, while being on a field trip with his classmates, many of whom don't respect him, and then he's going to have to save all of them. I love that shit. Nick Fury playing the role of "Dad" for the new super hero like how Tony has been playing up until now. Most of the first movie just didn't land well. The jokes. The moments. The structure. The characters. But this trailer made me feel good about what's to come. That I'm actually going to enjoy the movie this time. It just works for me in a way that makes me excited to experience that movie they're selling. The proof is in the pudding. I saw the first movie, didn't really like it. We'll see if my expectations are inline with the final product.
  8. OK. That looked brilliant. I did not love the first movie. Not one of my favorites. But this looks friggin perfect. I'm on the fence about the crazy supernatural bad guy stuff. Not sure whether I like them going in the crazy direction rather than the down-to-earth direction. But maybe that's actually a good thing? We'll see. But I like it. And remind me, is this before Infinity War? I think I read both before and after and not sure what to believe at this point. But if it is after, it will be interesting to see how it fits together.
  9. foogledricks

    Video Game Pile of Shame

    I obviously say that jestfully given I perform the same behavior and am currently harboring dozens of games for the reasons described above. But come on let's not assume that all game purchases must be purchased at full price to bolster the argument that it makes sense to stockpile games of these quantities. Or anything for that matter. The mere fact that we're all slow to get to these great games easily affords us the opportunity to purchase these games for discounted prices 6+ months after they're released... closer to when we actually intend to play them. "Oh no, Skyrim is $7 on Steam, I have to buy it. It might go back to $59.99 forever after this sale" - That is not the case. With the exception of games that become collector's items on eBay, or Nintendo games which never seem to be discounted (Fuck Nintendo), older games can be had at discounted prices. I have like 15 steam games that I haven't touched (total guess, could be more). And like 20 PS4 games I haven't touched. And for me, when I buy discounted games, or get them free from PS+, I devalue them. The urgency of playing a new game that I just got for $59.00 is high, and I almost always give those games their time. But all those "bargain" games, no matter how good they are, are depleted of urgency and just sit there. For me, getting cheap games actually de-incentifies me from playing them. It is an odd psychology based on perceived value. Uncharted 4 is a great game but I got it so cheaply, it can wait. Its old at this point. There are newer games that people are talking about. I must play those games. Soon Doom Eternal will come out and the Last of Us II. Then I can stop feeling guilty about not playing Uncharted 4 because I have some legit new games to play.
  10. foogledricks

    Video Game Pile of Shame

    Why don't you just buy the games when you're ready to play them?
  11. foogledricks

    Destiny 2 Forsaken E3 Story Trailer

    Feels like Bungie just can't help but enter abusive relationships.
  12. So is HDR10+ the future? Basically, should I make sure whatever projector I get supports that? I'm no longer in a rush to get a new projector. But once the next Playstation comes out, or Xbox, that supports 4K and HDR for all games, I assume that will be HDR10+ .. and if so, then I want to make sure my projector supports that.
  13. I am so fond of my experience as a NES owner playing Zelda 1 and Zelda 2. Those are by default my favorite experiences. OoT and BoTW are my favorite modern ones.