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  1. Yeah, I thought Singer was one of the first to get nailed years ago. But he came back quickly because people didn't care about sexual harassment in Hollywood prior to 6 months ago.
  2. Yeah, I don't trust first-take twitter reactions to movies. Though I do read them on the chance that people will say it sucks. I rewatched TFA last week. I know some people went cold on the movie over time. About it being a retread. I think the dialog at times is too expositional. Too geared towards dumb people or small children who might be confused about what's going on. And there are a handful of those that I'd rather do without. Also, grandma Leia and grandpa Solo scenes were mediocre. I enjoyed Solo/Chewie/Fin/Rey stuff, but not Leia and Solo stuff. Their dialog was kind of bad I thought. But besides that, I think this movie still holds up. I think it is really good and has great characters. Although Snoke is a terrible character. Compare him to Darth Vader or Palpatine and you see he's just "generic evil mastermind #6" from any cartoon. But that's it, all the other characters are just great and I can't wait to see them all in the new movie. I'm actually looking forward to JJ finishing the trilogy off because I love what he did with the characters a lot.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    It would be helpful to know where you're starting from. I really enjoyed Jurassic World. Probably my favorite Jurassic movie after the first one. So I'm ready to like this sequel. How about you, how did you like Jurassic World?
  4. So torn about this. X-men back in Marvel, good. Disney though is becoming too much of an entertainment monopoly for my liking. I love Amazon, but their power makes them act anti-competitively by not carrying competitor's products in their store which bugs the hell out of me. Now Disney is going to throw their weight around in a way that will likely hurt consumers. If Disney buys Amazon or vice versa that may be the end of the world.
  5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    I agree. In first viewing though I wasn't able to easily ascertain while they were there and what their objective was. Just that they're there for some reason, have to do something, and get the hell out of dodge Metroid-style before the island explodes.
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    This might be good. Or it could be incredibly bad. I can't tell.
  7. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Oh, Lucky's Tale and Roborecall are free : )
  8. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Is there a Minecraft VR game, or does Minecraft just work with VR natively. Great, so that's 10 games I now have to blindly buy. I guess you gotta go all-in with these things.
  9. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Thanks for the recommendations. Good to know that there is a demo suite. They are 9ish and 13ish. There will certainly be a variety of games that I'll want, but I want the games that when they first experience it, they'll be a slamdunk experience for them and my wife. And my kids do not scare easily. Though they aren't particularly fond of violent shooters, they do enjoy PvP minecraft and watch plenty of violent TV/movies, more fantasy/supernatural/sci-fi stuff though. Not Saw or anything.
  10. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    I bought Rift for my kids, and me, for Xmas. What games should I buy for Christmas day to WOW them? They can be free demos, I don't care. Just want to make and impact as soon as they put the thing on, I want them to have fun.
  11. I came so close to watching that. Fuck you.
  12. Video Production (projects & technical discussion thread)

    I'm proud of how this one-minute movie trailer turned out. It is basically a riff on an Annabelle horror movie. This is why I'm proud of it: I wrote the script in 30 minutes The cast was a group of 8 girls ( Ages 9-13) It was all shot on Saturday night during a "sleepover" in my house My audio person was a 10 year old and sometimes a 13 year old Did I mention that it was a sleepover with 8 girls, madness even if we weren't shooting this
  13. I bet every one of those stud action stars harassed and assaulted lots of people. This is only going to slow down when some jackass decides to make-up allegations about a beloved actor and is proven wrong. Then everyone will go gun shy again. In fact, if I wanted to end this, I would pay some woman to make fake allegations that are easily disproven. Hollywood should pool their money and make that happen. And they should make the allegations against Tom Hanks.
  14. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    In the previews it looked like they were trying to copy the Peter Parker newbie relationship with Stark with the Flash/Batman relationship. Only I found Spiderman to be really cute and charming. The preview for this made me a little skeptical that they'd pull it off. Sounds like you liked it though.