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  1. Marvels Black Panther - New Trailer!

    Finally saw this. Squeezed it in because its going out of theaters soon and not coming out for rental until May. Believe it or not, my expectations were low. I read a lot of reviews of the movie, and given the social politics attached to this phenomenon, I interpreted a lot of what I read as hyperbole and an overall positive bias that might not be merited. So I went in very grounded. But also I'm a huge MCU fan so I have that pulling me in the other direction. Here are my impressions. - Overall I thought the movie was middle of the road. Not in my top 10 MCU movies. - Killmonger was definitely good. But no, he is not the best villain in the MCU. Loki is so above and beyond Killmonger in my book - Damn, the best part of the movie was Killmonger challenging and winning the crown. There is something about a bad guy fairly, justly, and rightly taking over an entire society that makes me giddy. This was a really cool moment in the same way that I thought Palpatine taking over the senate was awesome. - t'challa is an OK character. I liked him better in Civil War though. - My favorite characters were Killmonger, the mountain King, the sister, the uncle that gets killed at the beginning (love that actor so much, wish he was a main character), and the white bad guy - I liked the social justice messages. But I think they screwed it up. By having Kill Monger distributing deadly weapons for revolutions around the world, it made him too evil. HE HAD TO BE STOPPED. They turned him into a straight up evil bad guy when he didn't need to be. If instead his plan was simply to give African-descendants around the world help and the advantages of Wakanda, it would have been a grayer conflict. Right? Lots of good people would have sided with KillMonger because maybe he's right. And the opposition would have been isolationists, which is what Wakanda is. An isolationist nation. That would have been a much more nuanced situation than Killmonger taking over the world. And the ending where Wakanda pulls back on their isolationism would have been a more emotional concession. I just didn't think it worked the way they wanted it to work, and its because they made Killmonger more wrong than he needed to be. Part of me should have been rooting for Killmonger. Anyway, I think the movie was a missed opportunity. After Civil War, where they tried so hard to elevate a conflict that had two legitimate sides, here they could have done it again, but they screwed up I think. In the end, the movie was less than the sum of its parts. But I'm glad for its inclusion in the MCU as it relates to infinity war.
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    That is good context. When fandom or nostalgia is in play, the viewer is seeing things through a different lens. For example, tons of people saw Black Panther who aren't fans of the MCU. As an MCU fan, I think I saw a different movie than a lot of non-fans who saw Black Panther. When you're already invested in the story or the characters, it can pull you through a weak or repetitive narrative. I'm big-time invested in all this Marvel stuff and the Marvel characters so I'm ready to enjoy whatever they shovel me. That's what fans do. My investment in Star Wars after TLJ ... I think most of my shares have been sold. Which means that my fandom is waning and I'm going to be a lot more particular about whether I am interested in watching or whether I ultimately enjoy watching Star Wars stuff. It might actually have to ... be... good?
  3. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Every single joke in that trailer was not funny. The Star Wars prequels explored story lines that I really wanted to know about. Say what you will about the execution of the prequels. At least the material was full of interesting things I wanted to see. This Solo movie is the answer to questions I wasn't asking. And for a prequel, you better be tickling my curiosity and this movie does not. Similar to the Rogue One movie. That movie had more going for it than this movie. Chewie is not Tony Stark. You can' throw him in a movie and have an instant hit.
  4. Episode 9 is my least anticipated Star Wars movie ever. And this despite me thinking the TLJ was a really good movie. When Episode 7 came out, it very much felt like a continuation of the Darth Plagueis, Palpatine, Anakin, Vader, Obi-Wan, and all of that legacy... being carried forward and extended. Who is Snoke. Who is Rey. Where's that going. That was the only intrigue that even existed. And now its gone. What's left now? it feels like we are left with bad guys in space ships and good guys in space ships. Shooting at each other. For control of the galaxy. That's it. Seems so odd, but JJ is following arguably the best Star Wars movie in decades, and yet I feel he needs to save the franchise somehow.
  5. I'm at Nightmare of Mensis. I didn't understand the spot light killing you thing. It just wasn't obvious to me that it was going on. Just that I was being killed by something. And then I keep being attacked by real players, which is a pain in my ass. I'm getting close to the end.... thanks Romier and everyone for pushing to keep going. Maybe my favorite game of the last year. That includes Horizon which I loved. And Divinity II which I loved.
  6. I'm joking about everything. I love it all. But in that case, I'm talking about that level where there are those giant spider things everywhere (high up on the buildings), and when you kill pretty much anyone, blood splashes everywhere, and then 30 seconds later they regenerate. They regenerate because there is a bell lady somewhere that until you kill, will keep resurrecting everyone in that area you killed. Maybe I'm wrong. But I was all excited to farm blood echoes. But it didn't seem like I was getting anymore after killing them the second time.
  7. The developers of this game are assholes for two reasons: 1) The physics. Stop making shit twitch and move after I kill it. Falling down stairs. And those friggin ants with the long hair in the castle. The one you sneak up on. They're all so twitchy. Its frightening. Assholes. 2) Enough with the baby crying. I have this under-the-surface desperation that I need to save some baby somewhere. I wake up in the middle of the night needing to save a baby. its like this subliminal terrorizing that has to stop. And god damn. Having bad guys come back to life! This game is hard enough. And you don't even get blood echoes for killing them twice. Bastards. I never thought i'd be able to complete this game. But damn, I must be close.
  8. This is nitpicking, but the web used in that trailer looks pretty bad. When he restrains the guy on the ground. Looks almost like a Minecraft spider web.
  9. I still don't think the whole Martha thing in BvS was made fun of enough. I wish Pete Holmes did a bit on it.
  10. The HDR thread

    If my projector dies, I was planning on getting the Optoma UHD60. It is basically a descendant of the 1080p Optoma projector I have now. I have not been following UHD very closely. But what I do know is that you guys won't shut up about Dolby Vision, which this does not support. I'm in no rush to upgrade, so I imagine next year's model will be better, probably support Dolby Vision, probably will support True 4K instead of the bastardized 4k it currently supports, etc. What's your general opinion for a guy whose projector is at the end of its life, and who is interested in 4K HDR.
  11. I block anyone in my feed whose headline spoils a movie. Blows my mind how many web sites actively try to spoil movies. I think I might tell google that I have no interest in this movie so that it stops feeding me stuff. Because I know there will be headlines like "Why did Disney kill Iron Man in the first scene?"
  12. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    The whole movie seemed like they tried to throw DC characters on top of the Avengers template and failed. Batman felt like he was trying to be a sad, unfunny Tony Stark. Aquaman was primitive Savage Thor character(he was fine, though underdeveloped because he didn't have his own movie yet). He even broke his glass of alcohol on the ground as Thor did. Wonderwoman was the virtuous Captain America character counter-weighting the Tony Stark character's hubris. Superman was Hulk, right? The out of control invincible guy that if they can control will really help them win the fight. And Flash was Spiderman from Civil War (The immature superhero injecting goofy dialog while the adults role their eyes ). But they all were so lesser in every way. As soon as I caught on to the emulation, it was really hard not being distracted by it. There were only three moments in the movie where I genuinely laughed or enjoyed myself. Superman battling the Justice League. Superman carrying the apartment building (showing up Flash). And the surprise truth-telling Aquaman. Those all got emotional reactions from me. Other than that there were quite a few "That was pretty good moments" but I classify all of that as a web of mediocrity.
  13. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    I enjoyed the Superman revival scene.
  14. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    Saw Justice League. Wasn’t terrible. Wasn’t good either. And it is hard for me not to see every character, plot point, even the general structure as a rip off of the MCU movies, in particular the Avengers. Except most of the dialog and character situations seem so mediocre compared to the MCU stuff. This movie was less than the sum of its parts.