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  1. foogledricks

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    It's so awesome that Kevin Smith describes his potato only diet here. I love the radically different diets. The common thread is usually low carbs. But also it seems just eating less. This whole fasting approach is funny too since not too long ago the key to nutrition was to eat small but frequently. I still think Jillian from biggest loser put it best. Eat less. Move more. That's fucking it.
  2. foogledricks

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    Thanks for posting this. God, I'm listening to this now. It is hard to listen to stories like this. Someone having mysterious illnesses and no one can help them. Knowing that things get better in the end helps you push through.
  3. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    If I recall correctly, someone got a shotgun to the face that was a fairly shocking omg moment. Good show.
  4. foogledricks

    Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

    I love how we reliably come up with new extreme diet approaches. Seems that the consistent effective element of all diets like these tends to be the minimization of high-glycemic foods (sugar/carbs). Even so, in the case of Jordan Peterson, sounds like dietary-caused inflammation is the crux of his change. How he talks about his daughter is really interesting. I'm generally skeptical about people's assertions of magical fixes for ailments via diet changes. But I believe him that his daughter changing her diet had the positive effects that he claims. it is just hysterical that veggies were removed from the diet entirely. And red meat is the focus. Why not chicken? Or turkey? To be fair, he's not claiming to be a dietary expert. He says that overtly and modestly. I think what he will find is that he'll need to modify his diet a little bit. Just eating beef and salt will likely cause him problems. The key is probably just to cut back on the carbs/sugars and I bet he'll realize that soon enough. He already sorta does. Its making me question my current breakfast choices again(toast, milk, peanutbutter). Maybe I should try cutting out carbs and dairy for a bit just to see if there is any positive affect. Besides weight loss. Digestive. Inflammation issues I have.
  5. They must be going crazy right now. X-Men, FF, Deadpool, etc. are back in the fold, right? Or will be. The fallout of whatever IW2 causes. The likely retirement of Evans and RDJ from the franchise. All while Black Panther and Spider-man, late-comers to the Avengers, feel like they're just starting. They likely want to plan out the next 10 years leading toward some climatic ending like IW. They've already done Thanos and Civil War. But they have so many options of where to go, it must be a fun time for them planning out the future. I would assume that Galactus is something they'll eventually want to do. Although if they make him this giant planet eater, how does that even work. His scale seems like a challenge. What is Spider-man going to punch Galactus's mole? Or maybe give him a clogged poor with his webbing?
  6. foogledricks

    New York in August

    He told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. I don't even think we were in a restaurant now that I think of it.
  7. I just had a theory pop into my head. I wonder if the Hulk disappeared with the snap. In the last movie, Thor 3, they established Hulk as being his own soul. It was a striking decision. Weird even. Not some mindless manifestation of Banner, but an actual independent soul. You see where I'm going here. Maybe Hulk is dead. Gone. Dusted. Maybe, like Fury and various others we expect to eventually see in Avengers 4, he is waiting to be saved and released. That works with the plotline I am anticipating. I expect the 75% of the movie will be trying to undo what Thanos did. And the last 25% will be kicking Thanos ass. Hulk is only needed for the last 25%.
  8. A new Rambo movie. A new IJ movie. A new Top Gun gun movie. Actually, I think the Top Gun movie is sort of justified. But come one, put these guys out to pasture.
  9. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    Ah yes. Big fan of GoT and really liked Cobra Kai. Unfamiliar with the rest. But it is kind of unfair to compare the world to the likes of GoT. These are my favorites (that I can think of)(Never give up an opportunity to make this list): -Breaking Bad -Game of Thrones -Lost -Friends -The Shield -Sopranos -X-Files -Star Trek NG -Friday Night Lights -Dexter
  10. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    Oh Snap, my wife is always complaining that I only want to watch dark shows and movies. Maybe this, if it is more like The Good Wife, might be something that we both will enjoy. My wife hates my sci-fi, superhero, and mystery drama crap. Thanks Angel.
  11. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    I haven't watched the Good Fight yet. Want to. I think it is only on CBS All Access? Madam Secretary is something that has been recommended to me. Not sure how to watch that. That's not on Amazon or Netflix is it? I have cable, but clearly I'm probably 4 seasons behind at this point.
  12. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    Alright, I've added it ('Midnight Diner') to my list. I really enjoyed Stranger Things. But sometimes my opinion is skewed when I watch with my kids. I watched 'Lost in Space' with my daughter and enjoyed it a lot. But I definitely had on my 'family goggles' while watching. That show has some bad components that I overlook because I'm watching with my daughter. There is a little of that going on with Stranger Things. But I think I'd watch Stranger Things on my own anyway. It is a cool show for we fans of Spielberg and King. I watched 'Photo Booth" with my wife and teenager and that was a fun high school love story. Again, had family goggles on. The Marvel stuff isn't great. Iron Fist being the worst. I think you've voiced your YAWN for the Marvel movies before, so I can understand you hating TV shows. I don't love the TV shows but I love the movies. Wait, what are your favorite shows from elsewhere in recent years? I guess I don't even have a baseline for what you consider good TV.
  13. foogledricks

    Netflix members...

    God damn it. That was a softball for you to insult me and you squandered it. Your loss. When I say that "Netflix is killing it," I don't mean that they have tons of amazing shows. I mean that they have finally gotten to a point where they are comparable to the competition (NBC, CBS, etc.) as far as a menu of decent-to-good content across genres and tastes. In recent years I've had trouble finding shows that I love on any platform. The Americans and The Good Wife are two shows in the last couple years that fall into that category. Netflix does have a few of those too. But tastes may vary of course. So sorry if I implied that Netflix has tons of AAA shows and movies. But I do think they have a lot of good stuff. Am watching SAFE right now which falls into that category for me. Finally, I've come to believe that when someone loves something, that is to their benefit. Especially in contrast to the person who does not love that something. So I freely admit that I think LOST is the best show of all time. You clearly do not like it. That's your loss and my gain that I found something that I enjoyed so much. Likewise, whatever trash you call art is to your benefit and personal joy as well.