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  1. This looks really good. But I just bought Dark Souls 3 and I need to work through that before even considering this. I'm kinda regretting buying DS3 now, thinking I should have just not and bought this instead.
  2. They need to do a sequel. Does this release imply that they see the value of the franchise and will be making a sequel?
  3. Streaming is a good thing for low-latency games. Turn-based strategy games or RPGs. There is merit to this whole thing. Just can't imagine playing DMC.
  4. I love Google, but I have zero faith that they will ever go ALL IN on anything. Everything they do feels like an experiment. I doubt this will be anything different. They'll be cancelling whatever this is in 3 years.
  5. As an aside, I found out semi-recently that my favorite thing in the world, milk, which I consume by drinking lots of every morning or at least consuming via cereal every morning of my life, was responsible for Acid Reflux that I've had since I was 10 years old. Or so. I would go from place to place with TUMS in my pockets at all times. Ready to take them several times a day. As an adult I started taking a drug to control it and that worked. Changed my life. Then in the last 6 months (I am 42), I stopped eating cereal and drinking milk in the mornings and stopped taking my medicine. BAM. No more acid reflux. Consider though that I love dairy so much that I still eat pizza, have feta cheese on my salad, etc. But just removing it as a DRINK and only eating cereal every once in a while has changed my life. This has cost me quite a bit of money since Acid Reflex is correlated with cancer and as a result my life insurance is higher than it would be otherwise. Because of my DIET! Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone else has a similar story about how their ever changing diet surfaced explanations for life-long medical issues.
  6. I always enjoyed the first half of Captain America. The Origin story part. Once he started touring Europe and kicking ass it wasn't as interesting to me. Similarly I really disliked the last 20% of Iron Man, Thor, and Iron Man 3. I mention those movies because just because I don't like part of a movie doesn't mean I dislike the whole movie. I tend to think that most movies fall apart in the last 20%. The ones that don't are my favorites of course. X-Men 3: The Last Stand for example.
  7. That would be awesome. It was a black eye on an otherwise wonderful run Disney has had with the public relations for these movies. I guess except for all this Captain Marvel nonsense. I don't know about you, but I would love if, in the first scene of End Game, Captain Marvel growls at Thor for leaving the toilet seat up, screams girl power, and blows Thor into space. That will earn End Game a 0% on Rotten tomatoes, but so what.
  8. What comes to mind from Infinity War was: -Avengers Music when Stark tells Peter he is an Avenger -Obviously the opening title screen after Strange says "Who?" -The drumming music when Stark calls for the new Spiderman suite I never really think about music very much. But only now as you bring it up again I realize how impactful it can be when Captain enters scene, to play his music, etc. That seems like a good idea. Though maybe too on the nose depending on how they do it. I'm not sure I want to hear "Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can" every time Spiderman is on camera.
  9. I know that at this point the Avengers have interacted with various super powered beings and aliens. But I really hope that during this movie, someone questions why there is a fucking walking-talking Raccoon at Avengers headquarters.
  10. I assume you're thinking he has a relationship with his mother like how Teddy has a relationship with his Dad:
  11. That bitch thinks the solution to everything is to switch it to work "collectively." That girl's a hammer, and everything looks like a nail to her. She is shown as "missing" in the trailer. It is certainly possible that she survived and then for dramatic purposes quickly hid in a closet so that nobody would know. When the time machine isn't working, and all hope is lost, if Shuri pops out of the closet and says "Why don't you just reconfigure the Quantum particles to work collectively" I'm gonna lose it.
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