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  1. So funny. I watched it at work just now. And I yelled at the last part with the door. I sort of caught the yell so it sounded more like a weird yelp. But people must be thinking WTF in my office.
  2. I'll buy that. Though that's generally true of all the box office draws. That people want to see the actor in a narrow context. In this case RDJ as iron man. I don't think people would flock to the Rock if it were a musical, documentary, or porn that he was cast in. I agree that people are in love with RDJ as iron man specifically and that his presence says this is an important movie in the MCU. That is an interesting way to put it. Though I wouldn't completely discount the positive feelings people have toward the actor. I have favorite actors like Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Denzel, Leonardo, Depp, and even all the 80s/90s action stars who gave a movie instant interest from me just by being in a movie. I watched The Judge only because RDJ was in it.
  3. Women in general make less money than men doing comparable jobs. It is complicated debate. But that complicated debate gets conflated with the basic inequities between entertainers' ability to put asses in seats. RDJ. Tom Cruise. The Rock. They get paid insane money because they put asses in seats. That's why they stuck RDJ in the Spiderman movie. The Rock is not a better actor than, well almost anyone. But sorry, he gets the money. Will Scarlet J draw in audiences enough to validate her 15M? We'll see. My hot take is that neither Black Widow or Hawkeye will garner the default level of interest that the other "super" characters do. I would therefore not automatically swallow that either of those franchises deserve a 15M payday for the leads of those movies. That being said, I would NEVER have thought that Thor would be one of my favorite superhero franchises and that Chris H. would be the superstar that he has become. I never would have thought that Guardians and Captain America would have the success that they've had. And Black Panther, holy crap. So Marvel may surprise me once again.
  4. Will OPT ever come to other platforms?
  5. Remember when you told me to tell you when you're being comic book nerd?
  6. I played the whole game with a controller on the PC but in my home theater via steam box or whatever you call it. Worked near flawlessly. Love this game. Although I didn't finish it. Like Skyrim, I loved and never finished this game.
  7. I really think he is such a moron. A lovable moron. That interview where he reveals that everyone dies in Infinity War is the funniest thing ever when you watch it now and know it was real.
  8. foogledricks

    Made by Google

    Those are good commercials, my wife would be won over by that.
  9. foogledricks

    Podcasts thread. A thread about podcasts.

    Show is pretty cool. Google vs. Apple will eventually be cool.
  10. I know that Disney will have X-men, FF, and Deadpool, and I know right now they have Spiderman, but they still don't own Spiderman, right? They don't own the Spiderverse. Sony could just take that away again, right?
  11. I played and beat 2,3, x1, X2. Haven't played since but I'm very nostalgic about this game series.
  12. I thought the original was a few ticks better. The original was not one of my favorites to begin with though. Even the quantom realm stuff in this movie seemed half baked. I bought into the ridiculous infinity stones. I ate that shit up. Loved it. But the quantum realm stuff in this seemed like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Like a so bad it's good 80s time travel TV show?
  13. I saw Antman and Wasp last night. I have to say, I was very disappointed. I think it is a very weak movie. The dialog and performances are very mediocre. The majority of the lines fell flat for me. The majority of the quips and banter and one-liners fell into the category of almost-funny. This movie wasn't "bad" but it felt more like a mediocre episode of a TV show that I would not keep watching unless they turned it around. These Marvel movies get the benefit of the doubt and lots of good will during the opening credits. So I was predisposed to liking this. But if this wasn't MCU canon, I would not recommend anyone watch this movie. That being said, the most exciting thing about this movie was its linkage to infinity war at the end. Can't wait.
  14. When Romier says this I stay away.