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  1. Why not, I'll take LBT, if it is available.
  2. Looking for online multiplayer racing game like MM3

    Forza Horizon 3 sounds good. Thanks.
  3. I loved Burnout Paradise and MM3. I don't like sim games, and I want to play such a game with my kids, each of us on our own PC. I'm having a hard time even finding such a game. I see that Burnout Paradise is available. Maybe that's the answer? I just figured there would be a lot of options. But I'm having trouble finding them. I like modes where one person is it, and has to tag the other people. Chasing someone around the city. Basically I want midtown madness 3.
  4. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Thank you Magness. Exactly what I was looking for.
  5. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    I'm confused about how Steam works with Oculus. I've assumed I need to buy all games through Oculus store. But can I buy games from Steam and they just work with the Oculus. Or does it even matter, because all games in steam that work with Oculus are also in the Oculus store, so I'm not gaining anything by buying from Steam. All the same games. Maybe their cheaper in one place or another. If you buy it from Steam, might it not work as well as the one you buy from Oculus? And if you buy a game that supports Oculus, can it be played without Oculus. Like if RE7 comes out on Steam, and I buy it, but hate playing it through Oculus, could I just play it normal? Confused.
  6. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Thanks for the view advice. If I give it another go, I'll do so sitting down.
  7. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    I was excited to try Elite. I planned to "sit" but was surprised that when I sat down, I was sitting behind my seat in the VR world. I have to stand to be able to see. Maybe if I reconfigure the Oculus so that I'm 4 feet tall I could sit? Maybe there is a way around that. But more important than that. It was way too complicated. I loved FREESPACE. But the steps and things you have to understand, just to get out of the hangar, set a destination and get to it,... during the second tutorial I couldn't figure out how to even get to my destination. The prompt kept saying "Press Y to blah blah blah" and I would press it and it would give some error. I'd be more specific if I was actually trying to troubleshoot what I was doing wrong. But if I can't even get through the tutorial without being confused by the interface, I doubt I'll be able to actually play the game for real. I suspect the disconnect is that this is a simulation and I'm too impatient to dig that deep into a game. Don't get me wrong, I like the immersion and the depth to a point, but I was never into Flight Sims, MechWarrior, Football Manager, etc.... I'm more of a "get-to-the-action" type of guy. That being said, I might take a deep breathe and give it another shot. With videogames you often need to get passed a certain point, then once it clicks, you're in heaven. And I know this is supposed to be good.
  8. Wanted: Horror movie suggestions...

    I watched IT. Love the book and I think they did a good job with the movie. Didn't really buy into all of the relationships enough to feel the impact of the breakup scene. I liked the pervert character portrayed by the kid who plays Michael in Stranger Things better than his portrayal of Michael in Stranger Things. And this movie has the best applause line of the year by far IMO. Looking forward to the sequel.
  9. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    Yeah, we switch eyes frequently. So the goto method is just to not adjust that at all. Because going through that setup every time your want to play something is terrible. BTW, I so far don't like the non-blink games. The tail platformer one, just felt weird. I hope Elite Dangerous doesn't make me sick. I also assume that Resident Evil, when it comes out next month, hopefully, won't make me sick, since that is supposed to be great.
  10. Oculus Rift - Anyone else paying attention?

    How do I re-calibrate the Oculus headset only? I moved the lenses for myself, now I want my daughter to play, but do I really need to go through the entire setup procedure? I just want bring up the little calibration cross-hairs to adjust the lenses. But I don't see that option. And if there is a way to do that, how do I restart the tutorial without going through the hole long setup procedure? BTW, RoboRecall is awesome.
  11. I have to say, I agree with Hitler. Someone put that quote in their signature.
  12. Game(s) of the Year Lists

    Damn. Out-fonted again.
  13. Game(s) of the Year Lists

    Bah, they don't have to be games that came out this year. Just your favorite games you played this year: 1) Divinity Original Sin II Wow I have not played a game this long since Skyrim! The turn-based combat is a favorite of mine. The skills/spells management and level-progression is the best I've used in a long time. Such a deep and wonderful game. 2) Zelda BOTW What else could I say that hasn't already been said. Screw Nintendo for making games that I want to play. 3) SteamWorld Dig 2 A MetroidVania game. I cannot get enough of this genre! 4) XCom 2 Turn-based for the win! Love this game. 5) Tetris Ultimate Multiplayer Tetris is the best family and party game around.
  14. I famously take issue with this type of perspective. Just because there are more gay people than ever before doesn't mean there are actually more gay people than ever before. They were just laying low. Sexual Harassment is not suddenly out of control. We're just hearing about it, because women were silent. Violence and injustice toward minorities is not at an all time high, people just finally feel empowered to speak up and fight back and look out for themselves in a way they didn't do before. A combination of people's metaphorical shackles being removed and technology removing communication frictions, has us all excitedly communicating our feelings like never before! I agree that the volume seems loud. And our social etiquette is still in the developing stage for this brave new world. But people aren't worse than before. The music isn't louder. The kids aren't more disrespectful. We all just have a voice where we didn't before. You don't have to read that political shoutfest between your brother-in-law and his college roommate on Facebook if you don't want to. And he has always been saying that same shit at Thanksgiving that he now does on Facebook, only now it is like his entire friends list is invited to Thanksgiving every day!
  15. I really enjoyed the Darth Bane stories. And I really enjoyed Palpatine's arguments to Anakin making the case for why the dark side is legit, not just evil. Somethings about this movie I forgot about: - I thought Fin walking around with water squirting out of his healing suit was stupid. Just seemed silly and out of place. - I wonder if anyone here agreed with me that the Luke throwing the saber in the toilet being over the top, and then changed their mind on second viewing coming into the moment with the knowledge that Luke was a grumpy hermit and not a sage Jedi teacher. -Not my argument, but I heard someone say "If lightspeed Kamakazi is the new ultimate weapon, why hasn't it been used before in dire situations?" It is a decent point. Sure, you don't want to sacrifice people and ships, but when EVERYONE is dying or about to die like in every Star Wars movie ever, you'd think the lightspeed trick would have come up before and will come up after. -Why did Kylo not kill his mom, and then 15 minutes later, after killing Snoke, was like "Eh, whatever, let her die. Who cares." -Why are the bombers at the beginning friggin bombers? Like there is gravity and they're on a planet, about to "drop" bombs... there is no friggin gravity?!!?! And if you tell me they're propelled/pushed somehow, then why aren't they friggin propelled/fired for fucking real?!?! No, they have to slooooowwly approach from faaaar away and then slooooowly drop them. While getting picked off. Convenient for dramatic effect. Pretty funny. -And why do the imperial walkers and all the imperial crap have to start for so far away? I'm sure you might say so that they can safely approach. Fine, but it sure seems more like they land 50 miles away so that they can slowly approach for dramatic effect. In Earth WW2 movies, people literally had to travel 50 miles, but in a space movie, just land next to the friggin base and blow it up. Boom. Done. Most of the above are funny nitpicks, I don't really care about them. I just thought they were fun.